I am running a Mac Pro with Snow Leopard as my work computer. I run a small lab and use an X5 scanner an a 9900 printer. Everything is currently working fine, but I am thinking it might be a good time for me to upgrade my OS. I am happy with Snow Leopard, but I use Mountain Lion on my laptop, and I like some of the features, such as the iCloud syncing, airdrop and so on. It is not critical that I upgrade, but I also think in general it is good to keep up with the times, at least somewhat. My main question is whether I will screw things up by upgrading. I will of course make a full back up before upgrading, but I would rather just hold off there are major issues.
I don't think I have any applications that require Rosetta...my only scanner is the X5, and my only printer the 9900. I work mostly with CS6 and Lightroom 4. I have come to terms with Lion on my laptop (basically by turning off all the "features" that drive me up the wall, unhiding the library etc), so I am not sure the interface will be a problem. I am just worried about having to spend hours, days or weeks getting my computer working again, if upgrading throws everything out of whack.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!