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Thread: Capture One 7 default noise reduction IQ160 and P45+

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    Capture One 7 default noise reduction IQ160 and P45+

    I have been working with Capture One 7 for a few weeks now and had worked with it during the beta program. I have run into one area that strikes me as odd, the default noise reduction amounts on base iso 50 files.

    In earlier versions of Capture One, as you moved up in iso, the default amounts of noise reduction also increased.

    On my base iso files from the IQ160 or P45+, the base noise reduction is set to Luminance of 50 and detail noise reduction to 50. I was working a series of files that had great detail in the distance, which was easily visible on the cameras LCD and using the focus mask. However when I opened the files in Capture ONe, I was surprised to see that the distance details, were a bit soft and had the plasticly look that over done noise reduction can create.

    This was easily solved by backing off the detail noise reduction from 50 to around 5 and the Luminance to about 7. The sky picked up no extra noise with these reductions and the increase in the details in the distance was very impressive.

    I am curious if any others have noticed this?


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    Re: Capture One 7 default noise reduction IQ160 and P45+

    Paul same with the Nikon files at those defaults as well. I also dropped them back to smaller numbers. Not sure why they are not more camera dependent . Obviously backs and Nikons would require different standards for luminance and color. Now as you bump the ISO numbers up the sharpening side changes to lower numbers. But the lum and color are a mystery to me as 50/50 defaults.
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