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Thread: Capture One 7.x and Advanced Noise reduction

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    Capture One 7.x and Advanced Noise reduction

    Since 7.x came out, I kept feeling that there was something strange in the Noise reduction advanced setup and I finally realized the whole issue today.

    In 7 there is a Noise reduction advanced tab. If you open a Phase One raw file, you will have 2 sub tabs, "surface" and "fine grain". If you open any other raw file, from any other camera,
    this changes to "detail" and "fine grain" example, Sony, Nikon, Canon etc.

    When you open any raw file from any camera, the default is at 50. So, 50 for Surface if Phase file and 50 for detail if any other camera (Nikon, Sony, etc)

    I have long stated that 50 for a Phase One file is too much and tend to back down from 50 to around 10 or 5. You will see a big increase in overall details especially fine ones. I was using this same logic
    35mm DSLR camera files, and that is a mistake. Here the tab is "detail" and you want to leave it at 50 or go stronger. If you move the slider to the left, the fine details will become less noticeable and if you move
    to the right from 50 they get stronger, but you will see a bit more noise.

    With a phase one raw file and the, "surface" slider, if you move to the right from 50 you get an even stronger REDUCTION in detail and if you move to the left you get an INCREASE in fine details.
    With a Non Phase one raw file and the "details" slider, if you move to the right from 50 you get and even stronger INCREASE in detail and if you move to the left you get a REDUCTION in fine details.

    My point being that the two settings, "detail" and surface" work exactly opposite if you move the sliders the same which is easy to do if you are moving between camera types. j

    Not a bug, but a strange design and one that can make a big difference in final sharpened output.

    Paul Caldwell

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    Re: Capture One 7.x and Advanced Noise reduction

    Hi Paul.
    The difference you see has nothing to do with Phase or non-Phase files. You jumped into one of the differences between the old version 6 settings and the new version 7. In version 6 you have the surface slider - most likely since you already looked at the file using Capture One 6.
    Capture One 7 defaults to the new "engine", and the surface slider is replaced by the details slider. Even though they look similar (but reversed) they do not act the same.
    In Capture One 7 the detail slider will not over-smoothen the image, and in many cases you have to balance this slider with the luma noise. The default settings are tuned individually for each type of camera and ISO - and you can set your own defaults on a per camera basis, if you prefer more or less luma noise reduction.

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