Interestingly I shot some extreme 14mm wide angle shots and as you all know with people you get diagonal head distortion and was looking for some software to correct it PS and C1 just wont do this as i tried several things but I figured i would give this a try as i need either to fix it or reshoot this particular shot again. Now all i really care about is the kids in this image and with a Samyang 14mm on my Nikon we all know how much this lens distorts right out of the gate. I think we have a WOW factor here check this out.

First image as normal with some adjustments but not like the second one done in DXO viewpoint. I downloaded a demo but I may just buy this.

This is my first stab at it and may need to fine tune some but I'm floored


DXO View fixing both horizontal and vertical distortion than adding a fix for the egg shape distortion

I still get the effect i was after but it corrected the heads of the kids on the boarders. No need to reshoot now.