A Powerful New Tethered Shooting Option with Capture One Pro/DB 7

COPENHAGEN and STOCKHOLM, June 17, 2013 -- Phase One and Profoto today announced that their technical collaboration has produced an unprecedented integration of simultaneous image capture and light control.

Now photographers can link their Profoto studio light to the aperture or ISO settings of their DSLR or medium format camera system. While shooting tethered in Capture One Pro, any changes to the aperture on the camera will cause the light intensity of the studio light to automatically compensate an equivalent f-stop. For example, if the photographer switches from f/8 to f/5.6, the light will drop one f-stop, so that the image is not overexposed. The solution lets photographers easily define which groups of lights should be included in the linking, making it a powerful and flexible work tool.

“Capture One Pro was designed to satisfy the needs of professional photographers,” said Henrik O. Håkonsson, CEO & President, Phase One. “Our collaboration with Profoto and the success of our capture and lighting integrations offer unprecedented lighting control during capture. This solution is especially great for portrait photographers who want to vary their depth of field; they can just turn the aperture dial and the light intensity will follow to ensure the right exposure.”

Anders Hedebark, CEO, Profoto added: “Since our initial capture and lighting integration projects with Phase One, photographers have encouraged us to do more in this area. Capture One Pro is a great platform from which to empower our customers with better tools to manage their professional light gear.”

Two years ago, the companies announced their first image capture and light control integration solution available in Capture One Pro 6. It provided remote access for wireless control of Profoto lighting equipment from within the Capture One application.

Availability and Pricing
The new image capture and lighting integration solution is available now for Mac OS. It requires Capture One Pro 7.1.2 or Capture One DB (digital back) 7.1.2 or later and a Profoto Studio plugin for Capture One. The Capture One software is available from Phase One at Imaging software for pro photographers or from one of its authorized dealers. The Profoto Studio plugin download is available at Capture One Pro 7 plugin | Profoto.

The solution works with all Profoto lights with built-in Air Remote Control.
For a list of compatible cameras please refer to: Capture One Pro 7 specifications

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