Hi Forum,

I am just adding my shameless plug here for our updated webinar series.

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We have several subjects to help you with your experience with your Capture One, most importantly getting you up and running quickly, working smarter not harder!

A couple of highlights of the program..

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
Capture One Pro 7 Webinar:
Solving your Critical RAW conversion Problems

- Send any image you have been struggling with to [email protected] using Phase One's file exchange system
- Upload your picture at our file exchange system right here
- During the Webinar, you can watch our experts use the Professional tools in Capture One to maximise the potential your image
- Ask questions throughout the Webinar on any of the techniques used

This will be a great way to challenge Capture One with those tough images.. and challenge me not to mention! I have already had some great submissions and look forward to working with those images live on the day.

This week we will look specifically at our Catalog solution..

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013
Capture One Pro 7 Webinar:
How do I manage my Capture One Catalog, for speed convenience and flexibility

- Learn how to best configure your catalog of images
- Understand how to store your images in the catalog with Capture One's 'Managed' or 'Referenced options
- Use Albums, Projects and Groups to Catagorise and Organise your portfolio of images
- Use powerful search and filtering options to find the images you, quickly
- Import your images from your Ligthroom Catalog

I hope to see some of you there.