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Thread: Morphing software?

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    Morphing software?

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any software that "morphs" similar photos into each other...I'm not sure how to explain this. I mean, lets supose you take 3 very similar portraits of the same person, but in one photo the person has it's eyes wide open, on the other one the person has it's mouth wide open and on the other one the person has closed eyes and mouth...normally if you were to view them on a slideshow there would be abrupt cuts between these photos, but lately I have been seeing slideshows were the differences between photos are gradually morphed once you change from one photo to the other. Here is the only example I could find (see how the cat's year is up in one photo and then on the next it morphs to being closed...that's what I'm talking about). Does anyone know what kind of software does this?

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    Re: Morphing software?

    mac version under products tab.

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    Re: Morphing software?

    My first impression after viewing the sample clip is that what you're seeing is the result of a dissolve between the two frames of the cat. All the frames of the cats on the bed are pretty much exactly the same (except for that ear) and the dissolve transition between the frames gives that morphing effect. You are still seeing some of the previous frame as the new frame emerges.

    In order to achieve a similar effect, you don't really need any special software other than say iPhoto, which allows you to select the type of transition between frames in a slide show.

    True "morphing" is usually used when two entirely different objects, such as faces of two different people, are blended and transformed one to the next in a moving or video sequence.

    Is that what you're asking?

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