Hi everyone,

Through one of the many pitfalls built into C1 I managed to "Import" to a non-existent "Album" (which seems to actually mean "folder", or something, I can't really tell). I have C1 set up to pack as EIP during import.

After it completed importing I had 0 images in the import, or in the "recent imports" tally. C1 let me do the import but then pretends that it didn't happen!

OK, so now the issue. There is no potential for C1 to view / edit / do anything with the EIP files it made. I point the "Library" at the folder of EIP files and get 0 previews.

Fearing the worst, I went to Phase's website... there has to be a way to open EIP files in the application that spawned them, surely....

According to this Phase blog post, this is what's supposed to be possible:

"After moving the .EIP file to another computer, you can simply use Capture One and browse to the location of the .EIP file. Capture One will display it with the identical settings as on the laptop where it was originally generated. You can keep the image file in the .EIP format or, if you want to see the original file format of the camera, you can simply unpack the .EIP file with Capture One. During the unpacking, all the needed components are installed correctly in Capture One."

from EIP File Format - Enhanced Image Package | The Image Quality Professor's Blog

Well, I'm stumped.

I used to be able to change the file extension to "ZIP" and unzip and recover my RAW files (earlier versions of 7.X). That doesn't seem to work any more. If I change the extension to TIF I can open the files in Photoshop CS5 (they open in Camera RAW). These same "TIFs" are seen by C1, but it's not seeing the EIP files in the same folder. What gives?

For the record I've disabled EIP again, as it's another trap leading to no where it seems.

Thanks for any ideas or workarounds beyond what I've done. I've been using the application for 18 months, and there are some days that I really miss Lightroom. This is one of them.