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Thread: Capture one 7 processing

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    Capture one 7 processing

    A stupid question:

    Why does the preview in capture one looks a lot different than the finished processed product? I tried with different color ICC but I just can't get the file to look the way I edited it in capture one. Am I missing something simple here?

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    Re: Capture one 7 processing

    Are you viewing the processed version in Capture One or an other program?
    I process in C1 as Tiff with Prophoto profile.
    Lr uses a profile close to Prophoto as working space and in Photoshop I have set the working space to Prophoto. On all programs the results are exactly the same on my calibrated screen.
    The same applies if I process to jpeg in Capture One provided the profile is Prophoto.
    I can't think of anything else but the profile
    maurice da silva solis

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