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Thread: C1 (film) Export - Rendering in Gimp & Preview

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    C1 (film) Export - Rendering in Gimp & Preview


    So I am preparing some images for print and exhibition. Edited in C1 Pro 12, upscaled (either via C1 or ON1), and exported as tiff.
    Now when I open the exported file in Gimp or Preview, the image is much brighter. The Preview one initially is correct, then applies brightening. The Gimp image contains what appears to be the correct rendering in View 1/Layer 1, as tiny window.
    When the images are not upsized, all seems OK. This seems only to affect upscaled images. When upscaled in Gimp, the contrast and brightness are retained (but the result in respect to sharpness and details is inferior).

    Image attached. Right - C1 correct. Two left: Gimp and Preview. The odd thing - it only seems to be the case with high-res. film scans, not digital captures.

    What is going on here?

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    Re: C1 (film) Export - Rendering in Gimp & Preview

    I have a similar problem when exporting a RAW image processed in Capture One to Lightroom Classic.
    I export from C1 12 as TIF Prophoto to a specific folder in Lightroom
    In the LR Library I then import the TIF into the LR Catalog using th synchronize command.
    The imported TIF is often much too light, sometimes looks like an HDR image and often has a strange color balance.
    (often this depends on what I have done in processing the RAW image in C1)
    If I then go to the Develop Module in Lightroom and click on "Reset" the image immediately becomes as it should be and exactly as shown in Capture One

    I do this because I find the Lightroom Classic catalog function and the printing Module in Lightroom better suited for me than the equivalents in C1
    maurice da silva solis

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