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    Rodenstock 138mm HR Digaron-Float - Beauty Shots

    Paul, do you know whether Greiner made the comparison with the focus set at the infinity stop, or at a near subject distance using careful focusing on the live view at 100%? Any comparison made on a distant subject with the focus set at the infinity stop is potentially, and dare I say, likely...
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    Remove a Copal lens from a Cambo WDS lens panel and helicoid??

    Jeff, are you open to a trade plus cash? I have a spare unmounted 35XL on a Copal 0 shutter in excellent condition. Alternatively, I am open to buying your helical focuser and Cambo lens panel.
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    Rodenstock 28mm vs Schneider Kreuznach 28mm

    Yes, I was happy to find it after some determined searching. Here is the press release, dated 15 December 2009, for the 43XL. This press release had no PDF download, so I copied the online text into a Word doc and saved it as a PDF. I was unable to find any announcement for the 120 ASPH. The...
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    Rodenstock 28mm vs Schneider Kreuznach 28mm

    Here is the press release (English version) from Schneider, dated 20 September 2010, announcing the first showing of the 28XL and 60XL lenses at the 2010 Photokina.
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    Using a Rodenstock view camera lens on a DSLR

    Introduction to the Cambo Actus:
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    Rodenstock HR Digaron - S 180 image circle

    Cambo, thank you for the clarification. The larger diameter of the Cambo helical focuser will reduce any mechanical vignetting compared to the previous smaller diameter one. This is a valuable improvement. As Warren (diggles) pointed out, the WTS mount for the 180 lens lacks the...
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    Rodenstock HR Digaron - S 180 image circle

    And a third variation is that Greg's 180 is mounted on a new Rodenstock Aperture Only unit. Don M's 180 is mounted on a Copal 0. Not that it should matter.
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    Rodenstock HR Digaron - S 180 image circle

    A second variation in the various mounts is the type of helical focuser used. Cambo has described in its Instagram posts (see the screen snips, attached) that it changed from a Schneider helical focuser with 25mm of travel to a new Cambo-made focuser. The internal dimensions may well have...
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    That's really delightful and one to treasure. The widening strip of light along the wall from the lamp was a clever addition. And, of course, the thoughtful pose and those eyes makes it special.
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    Optical view finders with technical cameras

    Hi Warren, Yes, those are the components. They all fit and work together very well. With a caveat or two: For the viewfinder itself I ended up with the later Hasselblad reflex RMfx unit (72530) despite its really nutso price, because having a mirror, rather than a prism, makes it lighter...
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    Optical view finders with technical cameras

    Thank you for responding. Yes, I bought the WDS-619 ground glass frame in the hope that I could somehow substitute its ground glass, which has no useful grid, with a 10mm gridded one. I also tried to find a reflex viewer of another make that might fit and attach over it, but I couldn't find...
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    Optical view finders with technical cameras

    No. In my current project, shooting historic architecture in busy foreign urban environments, I prefer a smaller, less protruding profile. I use a Hasselblad SWC focusing screen adapter with gridded ground glass, with a Hasselblad V viewfinder, mounted to the WRS via a Hasselblad V adapter...
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    Optical view finders with technical cameras

    Yes, I was talking about a ground glass and reflex viewfinder. I have edited my post above to make that clear. Thank you, @anyone.
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    Optical view finders with technical cameras

    I photograph architecture with a Cambo WRS and IQ4, and much prefer to frame and compose on a gridded ground glass using a reflex magnifier viewfinder. The magnified image fills my visual field of view, is clear and upright, and is covered by the 10mm grid, exactly as I want. Bright sunlight...
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    Is it possible to use a Copal 0 on Arca R-mount?

    Most lenses require both an R board plus a calibration ring ('tube') of the correct depth for that lens (to attain the flange focal distance). The R boards for the Schneider 28XL, 35XL, 43XL and 47XL lenses and the Rodenstock HR 23mm lens are recessed.