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  1. Abstraction

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    It's such an underrated camera. Everyone loves to hate it, but it's so good!
  2. Abstraction

    Let's see some abstracts

    Fallen #96
  3. Abstraction

    Fun with MF images

    And you do it really well. I really enjoy looking at your work.
  4. Abstraction

    Fun with MF images

    I love your work, Bill. There is a certain subtlety and delicacy that doesn't seem to be in fashion these days, but to me, your images are alive.
  5. Abstraction

    Share your Tree Photos

  6. Abstraction

    Landscape Photography

    One of my favorites:
  7. Abstraction

    PAW -- Picture A Week -- Have fun!

    That's absolutely divine!
  8. Abstraction

    Travel Photography

    Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand
  9. Abstraction

    44x33 versus 54x40

    The Credo 60 is a very old tech in terms of sensors, so its size won't compensate for the differences in technologies. The GFX 100 uses the newest, BSI sensor and it is a modern camera in all respects with great image quality. The thing is that if you don't need 100mp, you most likely don't...
  10. Abstraction

    Review: Hejnar Arca Clamps for Manfrotto Ball Heads

    I don't quite get why one would have to go through all of these gyrations, rather than attaching an Arca clamp to an existing Manfrotto QR plate?
  11. Abstraction

    DPR: 907X and CFV II 50C sample gallery and impressions

    I imagine that if one were to create a custom profile for LR, one wouldn't see any differences between LR and Phocus.