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Recent content by aly324

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    Wow, Fuji is just making stuff: GFX100s, 80mm, X-E4, XF27, XF 70-300

    That's one of the more creative camera ads I've seen, and so unpretentious. The opposite:
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    Leica S #14429 battery, L plate, tripod plate

    Leica 14429 battery for S2 and S 006 (not 007). Holds a good charge but has a small chip at the bottom. Kangrinpoche L-plate and tripod plate in Arca Swiss quick-release format. Both form-fitted to the S/S2/S007. The L plate is weaker than the RRS version. The "L" can flex if force is applied...
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    Alpa sync release mark ii bottom screw

    Hello all, what is the purpose of the brass screw that goes into the bottom of the Alpa sync release mark ii? I mean the screw on the right in this photo Thank you.
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    Alpa-mount Rodenstock HR-S Digital 60mm f/4

    Rodenstock Apo-Sironar (same as Digaron-S) 60mm f/4 digital lens mounted in a Copal 0 shutter and an Alpa helical focusing mount made by Fotoman. The mount fits well but the focusing ring does have some play. Parallelism is well maintained. Infinity setting can be fine-tuned easily by...
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    Schneider Apo-Digitar-L 80mm f/4 in Copal 0

    Schneider 80mm f4 Apo-Digitar L-59° in Copal 0 Front and rear coatings both have slight, superficial blemishes. The shutter sounds accurate but the dial is a little sticky, requiring two fingers to move. Other functions work as intended. $350 shipped
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    Alpa 12TC with Rosewood grip, Hand strap, and tripod mount

    A small ding on the top part of the hand grip, some wear on the tripod mount, and a few of spots of paint loss on the interior edges of frame. $2000 shipped within US. International shipping at cost.
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    Schneider Digital lenses with “clicky” aperture rings

    Is it generally the case that Schneider Digitars in their original configurations come mounted in Copal shutters with aperture rings that “click” (are not stepless)? And Rodenstock HR digital lenses are stepless? Thanks
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    Medium Format and Coffee

    I’ll always go for a good complex dark roast over floral and fruity, the coffee cherry’s natural soul be damned. I’d rather get fruity from tea or wine, but I don’t tell people what they like is wrong. And between a Starbucks French roast and third wave, of course I'd rather have the latter...
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    Medium Format and Coffee

    As said above, spend money in a nice burr grinder. Achieving a consistent and repeatable grind without generating too much heat is more important than the coffeemaker. The Aeropress (already recommended above) is neat and easy to use, and has a small footprint. Depending on grind size, water...
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    Does anyone like the Alpa 12TC finger grip?

    Thanks. This is the "finger grip" -- it's shorter than the rosewood one and doesn't have strap lugs or the locking mechanism for the lens and back mounts.
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    Does anyone like the Alpa 12TC finger grip?

    Hi, has anyone compared the 12TC finger grip with the rosewood grip? I understand the former lets your pinky dangle (and maybe also your index finger?). Is it insecure and uncomfortable? Thanks.
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    Alpa 12 side grip hex screw = 4.5mm?

    Thanks Juergen. I am referring not to the threads on the frame but the hex screw on the hand grip, circled in the attached photo.
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    Alpa 12 side grip hex screw = 4.5mm?

    The hex screw in my Alpa 12TC's side grip is too small for 5mm but too big for 4mm. Am I right to assume that it is 4.5mm? Thank you.
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    WTB: Alpa Viewfinder

    Please PM me total asking price and location if you have one available for sale. Thank you.