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Antonio Chagin
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  • Good evening Antonio,
    Nikon makes many superb lenses for macro/micro work.
    I once had the privilege of speaking with Ansel Adams about enarging lenses and he told me he was using a special gift set of APO-Nikkor Process lenses for his enlarging of 8x10 and larger sized negatives.
    They were the finest set of enlarging lenses he had ever used.
    I also have the Nikkor AM 210mm F5.6 which is also superb. I guess it is too long to use with the D800. It was amazing on 4x5.
    Thanks very much for your suggestions. I love your work.

    The Bodie car shot was actually shot with LENR turned off. The reason for that was that I was light painting and shooting 4mins at ISO 200 and so didn't really need it. I turn it on when I shoot star points (1/10s or less at ISO 800/1600) but not for the low ISO shots where I don't want to wait for the long dark frame afterwards


    Hi Antonio - sorry I did not see your message, I think this would be a great combination. The pentax lenses are very good !
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