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Recent content by anwarp

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    IQ4 Remote App

    Low expectations is the secret of happiness!
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    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    ETTR would be a feature processed entirely on the back. As the sensor can "see" the entire image, it can be analysed to determine the optimal exposure. The resolution of the meter would be too low to judge ETTR accurately. I expect the XF firmware needs an update to accept an override for...
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    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    I raised this question about ETTR with Drew from P1 at the presentation organised by Teamwork Digital last week. He explained that it will be made to work with the XF, but there are issues with the meter in the camera competing. That is not a problem on the XT. Let‘s see...
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    IQ4 150 help working out how to get to a reliable histogram please.

    Hi Greg Is your image blown out if you use linear or linear scientific? I suspect part of the issue is the curve applied by C1. Anwar
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    On a walk in the Cotswolds in England a couple of years ago. This was shot on Portra with a Mamiya RZ67. Not sure about the lens, most probably the 110. All hand-held. Scanned on a Minolta scan multi with vuescan and processed in C1. I've been inspired by this thread and picked up the RZ...
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    More pyromania with my daughter. XF/150/120mm
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    My daughter and I had a bit of fun setting some dried roses on fire... IQ4 150, 80BR Anwar
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    Behind the scenes

    Hi Stephen If you could block the fluorescent lamps that interfere with some black card mounted on a tripod or light stand, it might help perhaps? Disclosure: I am only an armchair light painter. Anwar
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    Infrared photography on the 'standard' IQ4 150mp

    I have an IQ 260 I had converted to full spectrum by P1. No live view, so I used a sunny day to calibrate my main lenses for the IR shift. I reload the system settings from two sets of cards for the 2 backs. I do see hotspots (slight colour cast) with the 55 80 and 110 sk br lenses...
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    Capture One pricing increasing by 25% next week

    I guess v21 does not bring a lot over v20 to make it a compelling upgrade. Add the current economic climate and not many people are upgrading.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Hi Greg I love the picture! A bit more contrast in the mid-tones will accentuate the texture of the rocks perhaps? Anwar
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Hi Al Window light from one window only.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Just fooling around... This was a plant my wife received form a friend. XF/IQ4 150/45 BR, 120 (old) Anwar
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    Behind the scenes

    A Greg Haag YouTube channel?