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    Belfast, Northern Ireland in early May

    Thank you all for the wonderful tips and advice. I do appreciate it. I will be there the first two weeks of May, arriving the 2nd and leaving the 13th. I will have to work for 3-4 days and the rest is my time. and of course evenings will be open. Really looking forward to it, never been to...
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    Belfast, Northern Ireland in early May

    Hi all, I am going to be in Belfast for the first two weeks in May, first time to any place in Ireland. It is a business trip, but I am taking a few extra days for photography and my company is good with that, my wife is also coming with me. I will have probably close to a week where I will be...
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    Total Eclipse in August

    Oh and places like the Tetons and Yellowstone, etc, have been completely booked way more than a year in advance. Good luck finding places, especially is places like Cody, Wy. etc. It is a very big deal to a lot of people. People from all over the world are going to be converging, there will be...
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    Total Eclipse in August

    Ultra wide angle works at the point of full eclipse you will have a black dot in the center of the sun. To actually see anything on the sun you will need special filters, and that will preclude any landscape images. When the Sun is full eclipsed there are some amazing views of the solar corona...
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    DJI Mavic Pro Shots

    I have had a DJI Phantom 3 for over a year, and it is addictive. Before that I had one the used a gopro. The image quality from the DJI is far superior to any gopro. Soapbox statement: For as much moaning and groaning about image quality etc, I am amazed that Hulyss will settle for a gopro...
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    Sigma sd Quattro H

    Just my opinion but if you look at Sigma when a new product comes out all the upgrades go to the new one. They never go back and work on the older cameras. If there was a critical bug they might, but since the SDQ is out and the SDQH there will no improvement in the plain Quattros. Just like the...
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    Sigma sd Quattro H

    But from the spec they DNG will be only 12bit, standard compressed raw is 14bit, so you might lose some dynamic range..... I wish Sigma would do what Fuji does and upgrade the stand alone Quattros with the DNG output, but those are pretty much dead products I am afraid. Alan
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    SPP 6.4.0 is available

    I have some of the same musings Lee, so an interesting discussion. I love my Fuji system, the 10-24mm is magnificent as is the 14mm. I started with fuji and X-pro1 when it came out and now selling my X-pro1 and I have an X-T1 and have an X-T2 on order. :D I like the Sigmas, there is something...
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    SPP 6.4.0 is available

    Thanks Lee, I was hoping for better highlight recovery. The color shift with Kalpanika is still not good on some shots. I have not upgraded SPP yet but will probably give it a try. Love your DP0 shots, I still want that camera but not sure I want to throw more money at Sigma. I will probably...
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    Sigma Quattro Images

    Took the DP2Q out with my Fuji for some wildflower shooting here in Southern California. Been warm and not the rain we thought we might get this year. Some wildflower are already starting, it was a hazy morning with the clouds just clearing. This is with the new firmware and processed in the...
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    New Quattro firmware and new SPP

    In case you have not seen this but it looks like Sigma is working on fixing the color issues with blue skies being cyan and issue with reds. Seem they have corrected it, new firmware for all Quattros and a new version of SPP. Here is an example: The difference of color reproduction between the...
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    Sigma SPP - stay with 5.5 or move to 6.4?

    If you are worried about going back just make a backup copy of your raw images before using the latest SPP. It will modify the header and the older SPP has problems with the settings. However there are some advantages with the new SPP, it is much faster, there is a batch processing mode. I am...
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    Sigma Quattro series - Enduring issues

    I think every camera has quirks and has some sort of issue. No one camera will please everyone. Just human nature. But a camera is a tool, the question is can you get the most out of your tool? The Sigmas make you slow down and be deliberate and when you nail it you can nail it. I have seen some...
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    Goodbye Sigma Merrills?

    Just a heads up for those looking for any of the DP Merrills, Adorama here in the US has all of the DP Merrills in stock as well as all the Quatrros. Alan
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    Sigma DP0 Quattro shots

    Sigma USA has added the DP0 Quattro with LVF viewfinder kit to their store for $1099, so they are putting in the viewfinder for about half price. Alan