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    Leica Service

    I'm quiet happy with the Leica Customer Service. There might have made a small mistake, but it's absolutely not bad. I'm always communicating by email directly to leica germany ([email protected]). Response has always been within 24-hours, but sometimes it's very prompt and it's...
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    Photos of Alt gear

    The 25mm is a fine lens on the Nex. I used it a lot on my trip to the US National Parks last year. I didn't do too much pixel peeping on my photos, but i liked the results so far. It flares quite a bit different then modern lenses; rays of light are visible (a lot of them) and there is much...
  3. Canon 35mm F2 Ltm

    Canon 35mm F2 Ltm

    Canon 35mm F2 LTM
  4. Tree Nr.1

    Tree Nr.1

    Canon LTM 85mm f1/1.8 @2.8 on a Sony Nex-6, no editing, default camera settings.
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    Photos of Alt gear

    Im new to posting on this forum. Last year I was able to buy a set of Canon LTM lenses in like new condition. I have been using them for about a year now on my nex-6. Its a Canon 85mm f1.8 ltm together with a 25mm f3.5.
  6. Canon Ltm Lenses

    Canon Ltm Lenses

    Canon 85mm f1/1.8 LTM + finder Canon 25mm f1/3.5 LTM + finder
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