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    Phaseone Blue ring lens and silver ring lens

    From my experience - 80 mm LS Silver Ring vs. Blue Ring (I own both) no difference in practical use. I also have the 55 mm LS SR which is my favourite lens (could not find a used BR lens ... so bought this one cheaply). The price difference in the used market is like 4:1. Unless you absolutely...
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    Capture One iPad Preview

    Only interested if it allows tethering with IQ4, via USB-C.
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    The great tripod & head thread!

    Interesting. I never believed this would help, as the focal plane shutter has to open anyway, just prior to the leaf shutter being released. Which I thought would result in comparable amount of vibration. But if it helped you achieve a sharper result, then that's good news and something to keep...
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    Heart warming Leica S story

    I have had similar experience with the S system. It has certainly had its flaws (broken AF motors in 5 of my 7 lenses) but Leica, to their credit, repaired all lenses for free, even those that were more than five years old, and the repair was done within about 10 days each time. The local dealer...
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    Phase one back sizing - difference in tonal quality?

    Hi, I have no experience with a 40MP back but I have a lovely 80MP IQ280 listed for sale in the Buy and Sell section of this forum. Send me a PM if you are interested.
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    WTB: Leaf Credo back for HY6 / possible swap for IQ280 Mamiya/XF

    Looking to buy a Credo 60 or 80 back for HY6. Also possible to swap for an IQ280 with Mamiya/XF mount which I am advertising elsewhere on this forum. I am based in Austria, so for tax/VAT reasons, ideally from someone based in the EU.
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    Phase One IQ280 back for sale

    Reducing price to EUR6000 incl. VAT - anybody?
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    how to use Broncolor Para with Profoto strobes for hair and backdrop.

    Alternatively, you can use another Broncolor RFS 2.1 in receiver mode and connect it to your Profoto strobe via a short sync cable. Or vice versa, use a Profoto Air Remote on the camera and another one connected via sync cable to the Move, set in receive mode. I mix and match transmitters all...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    Can you set the camera or the app to save Raw files to the XQD and transfer Jpegs through the app for review on an iPad? Like others have remarked, full size Raws take forever to transfer and there is no point having them on an iPad. But with presets avalaible in the IQ4's integrated C1, it...
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    IQ4 Remote App

    Early in 2022 according to the email I got last Saturday.
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    I know, but even then it would be useful to me when shooting with a team on location - quickly check what we have shot and what else we can shoot and how to improve. I am going to try it...FlashAir card on its way from Japan, courtesy of the famous auction site.
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    In the meantime, has anyone tried to use a Toshiba FlashAir or similar wifi enabled SD card in the IQ4? And tether to an iPad using Shuttersnitch? I just saw this work quite well with the Fuji GFX100S - jpegs only, of course. But with the availability of an SD card slot in the IQ4 backs, this...
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    Phase One IQ280 back for sale

    Selling my IQ280 back, XF/Mamiya mount. 80MP, Dalsa CCD chip for amazing skin tones. Purchased from a well regarded member of this forum (Pemihan) two years ago (can provide copy of invoice). Was serviced by Phase One just before I bought it. Working fine on my XF camera, no issues. Comes with...
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    Tethering old Hasselblad CF back with Macbook pro, any idea how?

    OWC used to offer a Thurnderbolt 3 powered hub with a Firewire 800 port, among others. I have one but believe it is no longer offered. Perhaps in the second hand market.
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    HX701 or HX705 plate for RZ67II

    Good luck on that one, Neil. I bought my HX701 two years ago on eBay Germany, from a dealer called Photo-Nina, based in Hamburg (they specialise in Mamiya equipment). Alternatively, Ian Bennell at in the UK is worth writing to. But these adapters are very difficult to find...