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    Positive Feedback

    Seller: athimbleofdan Item Bought from Seller: Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 M-moumt Met in Manhattan for face to face transaction after quick texting exchange--he is a really nice, honest, and punctual guy. Lens was exactly as described (no unpleasant surprises) and everything went off...
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    Poll: choose 2 Leica M lenses for travel

    21/35 with M8 and M9. Lots of flexibility--21/50 or 28/35.
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    Panasonic L1 Viewfinder Display Not Working

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Panasonic L1 Viewfinder Display Not Working

    The viewfinder LCD display on my Panasonic DMC-L1 seems to have stopped working. The focus confirmation red dot does work and so does the rear LCD. Otherwise camera seems to function fine. Did a search, someone on Flickr said Panasonic charges $511 to repair, which is way more than the body's...
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    FS: Leica M9

    Thanks for the heads up Jeff!
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    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    Best cat-as-test-subject photo yet! :) Thanks for posting!
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    new Fuji X Pro1 camera

    Re: new Fuji X Pro1 camera (formerly called "new camera") Couldn't agree more!!!!!
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    X100 images thread...let's get this party started....

    I was getting a bit depressed reading some of the rather negative comments in the X-Pro1 thread, so and I meandered over to this thread, and suddenly felt a lot better. Thank you everyone for posting such great images and putting things in perspective. Much better than reading endless aimless...
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    new Fuji X Pro1 camera

    Re: new Fuji X Pro1 camera (formerly called "new camera") I've come to accept that all cameras have flaws, even top of the line Canons and Nikons, which do get firmware updates (e.g., Canon 1DMk 3 focusing errors, etc., the list is long and never ending). My D300 still has a couple of quirks...
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    Could there be no D4x due to the D800 ??

    If Nikon were to release a D700s update with the D3s sensor (video, high ISO), you'd have two great cameras (D700s and D800) filling different but complementary needs, and the D700s would not cannibalize on the D4 sales (older tech, lower MP, slower AF, smaller buffer vis a vis D4). And given...
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    new Fuji X Pro1 camera

    Re: new Fuji X Pro1 camera (formerly called "new camera") I'm glad for disappointed early adopters--I bought my X100 used for a pretty reasonable price. Updated the firmware, and it's been a great camera, replacing my dslrs for daily use. Its so small and inconspicuous and easy to use, yet...
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    new Fuji X Pro1 camera

    Re: new Fuji X Pro1 camera (formerly called "new camera") Thanks for the link!
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    M9 user take on the X100

    Thanks Roger for the user review. Balanced and thoughtful. Good to know that I can explain to my wife that I *NEED* both the Leica M8/M9 AND an X100, and that neither will replace the other! :D
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    One lens to rule them all.....

    Being cheap/frugal/value conscious (mostly cheap), I like the old 18-70mm for it's range (28-105mm equivalent) and price--usually around $150 or less used (check It's sharp, compact, light in weight, and has a metal lens mount. Here's a review from Thom Hogan...