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Recent content by celina20

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    Dead link :

    Dead link :
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    Hi Torger, Luis from Argentina. Can you tell me where I can find your exelent article : "How to...

    Hi Torger, Luis from Argentina. Can you tell me where I can find your exelent article : "How to focus a landscape scene" ? I have the link in my bookmarks but it is down. Thanks a lot. Luis
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    Fun with Nikon Images

    Nikon D3s, 200mm 2.0 VR I
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    Sinar 54M

    Hi. I sent you a PM Luis
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    Digital Nikon with manual lenses

    Nikon D800 - Zeiss 135mm 2.0 Luis
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    The most amazing thing happened today...

    Hi Guy. Can you tell me what lenses did you use to achieve this performance with the A77 II ? Thanks a lot Luis
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    Fun with Nikon Images

    Serie in Black and White. Luis
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    Workflow help needed ( Mac Pro with internal SSD and External HDD )

    Hi. My new Mac Pro late 2013 ( Quad Core, 16 Gb RAM , SSD 500 GB ) is coming with a WD 2 TB HDD to use as a external HDD. I will use it mainly for photo editing ( large D800 Raw files ) with Photoshop and Lightroom ( for printing only ) Can you tell which of the two procedures will be the best...
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    Hi Steen. My "vision" of your pictures. Luis
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    Nikon filed a Patent to bring VR to existing lenses.

    The latest Nikon patents | Nikon Rumors Luis
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    Digital Nikon FM2

    May be yes, may be not. Best we can do is test the VF when the camera arrives. For me the problem is solved with my SmallHD DP4. Luis
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    Digital Nikon FM2

    "* run-of-the-mill AF viewfinder which doesn't live up to the promise of "use all your old lenses" Bjørn Rørslett doesn't think the same.
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    Anyone Stitching Panos with a MF Digital Back?

    Thanks a lot Phil. It's clear for me now. Luis
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    Anyone Stitching Panos with a MF Digital Back?

    "2) stitch using a tech camera and shift the back so you stitch inside the lens image circle." When you make Panos this way, do you have to adjust focus in every picture you take ? Thanks a lot Luis
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    D800 HDMI and USB output

    Hello, Thank you for contacting Nikon. I'll be more than glad to assist you. You can only use one port at a time. You cannot connect the D800 to a computer via USB and connect it to a monitor via HDMI at the same time. Reference Number: 130826-001104 Best Regards, Samuel Customer Service Support