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Recent content by Charles S

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    Going back to Full Frame DSLR

    Just sold my H3D to go with a Fuji X-T30 (gasp). The Blad was really superior for close studio portraits where the unique combination of DOF and FOV of an MF camera really shone, but for every other application I found that my Fuji X-Pro 2 delivered 95% equivalent images with much greater...
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    Where to find modern Large Format Cameras and Lens?

    Gibellini, the Ferrari of 8x10
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    Now rush to buy 8x10

    As far as I know, even Massimo Vitali has gone digital recently. It all comes down to what you shoot and what the end-product is supposed to be. I also shoot 8x10, but more for the geekiness of the process than anything else, although the movements can be helpful to create a certain look. Also...
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Ixpress V96 or P1 H20 or P20
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    How about some portraits

    Nadine On H3D-31 / 120mm
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    Marketing vs. reality

    At the time that this happened, Shiro owned both Hasselblad and Imacon. Imacon made digital backs for V series Blads (V96 anyone ?) and immediately after for the H1 (same tech). The cost of a digital back was a multiple of an H body, and I would think the margins that were made as well. It...
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    Marketing vs. reality

    Uh.... Fuji designed the Hasseldblad H series, and licensed or sold the design to Hasselblad (at the time owned by Shiro) at the time that digital emerged as future that they apparently decided not to partake in it. I would bet that the licensing / sale agreement had some clause in it that...
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    How about some portraits

    Danijela on H3D-31 / 80mm at the studio
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    How about some portraits

    Nadine on H3D-31 / 80mm
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    How about some portraits

    From a shoot with Ivana on an H3D-31 / 80mm
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    fat pixel digital backs

    Just posted a portrait shot on an H2D-22 in the Portraits thread. Fat pixel magice really shines when converted to B&W. The graphic look of the model helped ofcourse
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    How about some portraits

    Nadine on an H2D-22 120mm
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    How about some portraits

    Headshot of Danijela on an H3D-31 120mm
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    How about some portraits

    Desli on the H3D-31 / 80mm
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    How about some portraits

    Vishaka, shot in Jodhpur on an H3D-31 / 80mm