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  • Hi Thorkil, I'm amazed by what comes out of the RX1 and that 35mm 2 lens. I can safely say that when it's files down load into Lightroom, I still get the wow factor, more so than anything from the A7R, although that has it's own advantages. The RX1 also takes close focus shots, not really macro but good enough and very useful to have. My only gripe is it's slow focus, it does the job but not like say the Olympus cameras! If the 35mm field of view is good enough and you don't need lightning fast focus then I don't think you'd be disappointed. If you were you could always sell it on :)

    Regards, Christina. This is my Flickr RX1 album, a selection of the good, the bad and the ugly!
    Hi Christina
    Sorry to bother you. Do you feel that the sharnes in the RX1 is "more" than sufficient, perhaps compared to the R. And for my sake, if I can get the RX1 much cheaper than the R, it would mean something. I'm a bit hooked on the sharpnes and the present feeling.
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