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Recent content by dchew

  1. dchew

    Technical Camera Images

    Ha! You reminded me I do have an old one in a bin somewhere. I should do exactly that. Since I already have it, does that count in Dante's world? I did very much miss my 2-stitch pano opportunities without the 60/138. Here is a makeshift crop from the 35xl. Thankfully we had just climbed a...
  2. dchew

    Technical Camera Images

    A little back story for this. My Sister and her husband have a cottage on Lake Cushman. I've never been there, but had an opportunity to get there last weekend while traveling to Portland for work. She wanted me to bring the camera, and was planning a 8-10 mile hike. I swapped out the Alpa 12+...
  3. dchew

    SSD RAID, anybody running one?

    Hi K-H, Trying to figure out if I need to upgrade to SoftRaid 6 when I migrate to Big Sur. I've been using SSD's and OWC's SoftRaid Lite with Catalina. I am preparing to upgrade to Big Sur, but wasn't too thrilled about upgrading to the new SoftRaid v6. I have a few OWC enclosures and one Orico...
  4. dchew

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Stanley, I love the U-Haul trailer sticking up above the wall. (y) Dave
  5. dchew

    Focus stacking or hyperfocal in landscapes with tech cam

    My approach is similar to Rob's. I start with tilt. If that doesn't work because of the scene, then I will usually try DoF up to f/16. There are timse when I rely on focus stacking, but usually it is my last resort for a specific situation. Here is an example where I couldn't quite get tilt to...
  6. dchew

    PhaseOne XF Lenses Stacking Steps DOF

    Hi Matt, I didn't do a good job explaining what I meant: For every degree of helical rotation, the lens moves 0.03mm closer/further away from the sensor. Actually, Rodenstock is 0.03333mm/degree, Schneider is 0.02778mm/degree. If I remember right, the helical rotates 270-300 degrees (3/4 of a...
  7. dchew

    CFVii50c strange artefacts and pattern

    For what its worth, I have the same problem in large movements with my IQ4 150 and the 35xl. Dave
  8. dchew

    PhaseOne XF Lenses Stacking Steps DOF

    Jochen, Depth of field is narrower, but the step size is essentially degrees of rotation on the helical. From that standpoint, the steps are consistent. Notice how at the infinity end the feet/meters are all bunched up vs the close focusing end. This is the main reason I still have Alpa's HPF...
  9. dchew

    Interactive illustration of FoV changes with focal length and aspect ratio changes

    Hi Matt, Good point; yes it does. There is a Wide button for use with iPhones 11/12. Dave
  10. dchew

    Interactive illustration of FoV changes with focal length and aspect ratio changes

    The VF app will do this. Just not for wider than 28mm equivalent. You could get a wide angle lens, but I can't imaging going through the trouble. You could use the very technical and expensive method known as "The Charlie Cramer Framer." Take pieces of mat board and cut them to the aspect ratios...
  11. dchew

    Interactive illustration of FoV changes with focal length and aspect ratio changes

    This is what it looks like if you enter a custom format. Mine for a 2-image pano stitch. that "60" frame line is for the 60xl, which ends up too wide at the edges in a 9:4 format.
  12. dchew

    Interactive illustration of FoV changes with focal length and aspect ratio changes

    You need an external lens adapter to see the wider view. With the native iPhone lens, the edge of the view on screen is grayed out. Like this, a 31mm lens on a 54x40 sensor:
  13. dchew

    CFV II 50c and rodenstock 28 with shift anyone ?

    That LCC file looks pretty dark; that might be your problem. Do you have a lighter version? I usually have to increase the shutter speed by ~ 2 stops when shooting the LCC frame. Dave
  14. dchew

    Filtersystem for MF

    In Tim's testing on Haida, he didn't have anything really negative to say. His biggest gripe was the "stickiness" of the GND filters when adjusting them in the slot. Other than that, they usually fell in the good to average range compared to the others he tested. However, everyone's criteria is...
  15. dchew

    Filtersystem for MF

    I do, and my choice was significantly influenced by Tim's work that you reference. I agree he did a very good job comparing them. Well worth a subscription just for that, in my opinion. There is some info in a thread I started here...