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Recent content by Diane B

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    an inexpensive ultra-wide prime for Micro-FourThirds

    I have had the 4/3 9-18 since G1 days but rarely used it because relatively its big and heavy with the converter for use on an m4/3. So, my smallest lightest widest was the older Oly 17/2.8. I recently bought the little m4/3 9-18 and now carry it all the time so it gives me a quite different...
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    Olympus E-M5 firmware updates - question

    I'm betting we won't see it until a replacement for the EM5 appears. (which may be awhile IMO)
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    Fun with the Olympus OMD

    I came looking for just this--Caspar's new playmate. She is a darling pup and I can't wait to see pics of her and Caspar as she gets oriented into the clan. Diane B
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    OM-D is Camera of the Year 2012 on DPR

    I definitely like mine better now than in the Spring. I can see me shooting with it for a number of years because the niggles I have about it wouldn't propel me to buy an upgrade. Haven't been this happy with a camera for a long time. Diane
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    Fun with the Olympus OMD

    Glad to hear some opinions. I've been possibly saving for this but I do find I like the 12-50--which I had planned to sell. For a very small kit I carry 25/1.4 or 20 with it. Diane
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    Fun with the Olympus OMD

    I actually like the clock with the people included. It gives context but also interest I think.
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    Fun with Panasonic G3

    LOL. I shot with it a year plus and enjoyed it. Its now my backup camera but had I not bought the OMD (for a variety of reasons) I would still feel I could get very good photos. Just grabbed one from Flickr which wasn't even processed from RAW but done on Ipad. Had I taken to PC I would have...
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    Nadav Kander's Yangtze River

    Thank you for both the blog and the gallery. I also checked out his Obama's People gallery.
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    lightroom 4.1 slowness

    Lightroom 4.2RC is available for download. Lots of fixes. They are asking for input about whether this improves performance for those having issues. Diane
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    lightroom 4.1 slowness

    There are quite a number of unhappy users but there must also be a lot of users that are not unhappy. Wish those here that use it and find it good would give some info. I've used a lot of converters w/database, printing apps since 2000 and started with LR with beta 1. It did a great job with...
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    lightroom 4.1 slowness

    There are also quite a few sites telling how to speed 4.1 and many who are happy with 4.1. Here's one site Optimize performance
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    I have a different µ43 camera!

    Ah, the silver ones do seem to take a wee bit better photos LOL. Diane
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    Who has the most number of m4/3rds cams?

    Actually embarrassed to say four LOL. I have my original G1, GF1 plus aux. EVF, G3 and now my silver OMD. I "mean" to sell them but never get around to it, sadly. I will probably look for someone to donate the G1 to plus the 14-42 that came with my G3 (have the original 14-45 plus now the Oly...
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    Fun with the Olympus OMD

    Jono, I'm always a sucker for roads and paths, especially your lovely English lanes. And--happy 60th. Diane
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    What wrist strap with Miiich OMD grip??

    I took the Gordy strap I had on my GF1 and tried it but found, as I remembered, that I don't like wrist straps (felt a bit constrained), prefer hand supports like my old Canon E1 (which I tried also, but its too much for this cam). Consequently I went back to my over the body strap and have...