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    It's the MTF advantage, stupid

    My little 15Mpx Panasonic with the f1.4 lens lets me take pictures of jumping gymnasts in normal "gym" light... and it works if I get the lighting right and do not need to adjust contrast in post... if I forget to put a white rug on the floor to give a bit of low-fill, the image falls apart as...
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    Getting the camera parallel to the building facade?

    This would work if you can guarantee to compose symmetrically relevant to the features or edges. ...better to resort to a bit of elementary mathematics... use a Pythagoras right angled triangle (e.g. 3,4,5) pick a point in the centre of a plane, opposite the desired camera position pick...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Very Nice, as usual... Mountains are like breasts - sometimes they look more alluring partially obscured?
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    Small laptop for tethering in field?

    Do you want something cheap and light, or something that works? What camera/software are you using, and what is the file size? I would get a 17" SSD Mac book pro - for 60Mpx files and Phocus and PS - but something cheaper and lighter might work ¿or even be productive? for you... and you may have...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Very nice. This is the king of photograph that many people would want to print 8 feet wide - did you, or did you consider taking portrait shots for stitching? The composition is great, but I would have wanted to take an alternative version in portrait orientation, including the pond, sky...
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    If they got their act together and made it compatible with any lens on a P3 lensboard, including those with eShutters, they might have sold some?
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    Sinar P3/Sinarback Calibrations- Sensor Ref, Blk Ref, Wht Ref? Input Profile?

    I have an identical system ( except that my CMV 120 is the macro version)... but I have not sorted the calibration either.
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    Question on image circles and angle of view

    With a DSLR, the angular field of view is quoted as long side, short side or diagonal. With tech/view camera lenses the Angle of view is the relates to the lens image circle, and is not format related, and is the maximum diagonal angle of view you could get with stitching (assuming you camera...
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    Schneider 5,6/47XL need Center Filter?

    I thought that the significant shift ability was the main asset of the 47XL?
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    Potokina 2012 PhotoBlog

    Great - you found the significant announcement! ¿Could you give us more detail about your impressions of the GFAE CAPcam in my thread "GFAE CAPCam"?
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    Technical Camera Images

    It is possible to change perspective with rear swing on "proper" view cameras... and this technique can be used to eliminate large areas of empty sky. On cameras without rear swing, you can achieve the same result by orienting the camera before you start to set movements and focus ... but it is...
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    Technical Camera Images

    I would have tried to use rear swing (or camera orientation) to make the white building taller (or even the same in-picture height) as the red one. or you could have made the near side of the building squarer, so that you do not get the sharp near corner that makes it so obvious that the pic...
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    Anyone excited about the Hasselblad rumor and Photokina this year?

    They, GFAE, emailed me today, telling me that they will start shipping after PhotoKina, see my GFAE CapCam thread
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    GFAE CapCam

    I have been exchanging emails with them for about a year, but, even tho' they showed a prototype at Photokina 2 years ago, they did not want me to tell you all until they were ready to ship the production model The most significant event for pro studio photography since the invention of the...
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    Anyone excited about the Hasselblad rumor and Photokina this year?

    You can get electronic shutters for pro cameras (Sinar eShutter £1000 + $1,500 per lens) .... and Hasselblad could take my advice and produce their 1/800th sec shutters in standard large format mounts, and get most of the tech-cam market? So few photographers understand movements or what they...