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Recent content by Don Ellis

  1. Don Ellis

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    Beautiful shot, lovely tones, moody mood. :)
  2. Don Ellis

    Canon 5D Mark III announced, your thoughts

    Thank you both for your extra trouble and the information. If you just asked me about the volume of the silent shutter, I would say it sounds about half that of the normal shutter. It's really quite a pleasant, satisfying sound in real life.
  3. Don Ellis

    Canon 5D Mark III announced, your thoughts

    Hmm ... good question. I never thought about a confirmation. On manual focus I just focus until things are in focus and then fire. :) Perhaps I'm missing something in the camera, or in other cameras, or in your question. I'll help if I can. Edit: I just recorded the two -- five shots each...
  4. Don Ellis

    Canon 5D Mark III announced, your thoughts

    I love the "silent shutter" on the Mark III -- it's not totally silent, of course, but very soft in comparison to the normal shutter sound ... on the Mark III and on other DSLRs I've heard. The silent shutter setting chops the continuous frame rate from 6fps to 3fps, but I ran a 15-second test...
  5. Don Ellis

    Cold, dark, and maybe rain or sleet comes

    Magnificent! After returning a couple of days ago and seeing your Taj Mahal photo, I reminded myself this morning to look for other photos I've missed in my absence.
  6. Don Ellis

    They gave me less than a minute!!

    That's just great! Without you, it wouldn't be a photo.
  7. Don Ellis

    Old Friends..

    Hmm, I thought my camera was my imagination. :toocool: Speaking of which, I bought the Canon G1X. And took a photo in the alley (don't worry, rayyan -- you start the threads and we'll supply the photos). :D I like green. And the picture is me looking for your photo.
  8. Don Ellis

    Old Friends..

    No photo for me to leave witty/generous/scathing remark on.
  9. Don Ellis

    Old building. Dull early morning.

    Really lovely ... it's unfortunate that the forum is so unattended these days that you don't get the comments you deserve. A very nice view of a monument we know so well ... even if we haven't been there. And nice title. :)
  10. Don Ellis

    Joined the party...

    Really lovely. Thank you. We were just in Penang for Thaipusam and all the ladies were in their best saris.
  11. Don Ellis

    Fuji X10 ISO test

    Brad ... thanks for the huge effort you put into this display. Very thoughtful and very useful. Don
  12. Don Ellis

    Indian Lunch

    And Indian lunch with an Indian girl at Woodland's, Hong Kong's only South Indian restaurant. We've been going there for nearly 20 years but today I decided to act like a tourist and took this photo while the food was still on the table. Sigma DP2. Leela's having a South Indian Thali, a...
  13. Don Ellis

    Some images from India..

    I love India and these are a reminder why. Beautiful images ... please give my regards to Ayesha ... and thank you for posting. I'm a big fan of #1 and #21, but they're all lovely.
  14. Don Ellis

    Happy May Day ...

    Hi Rawfa ... one of the continuing pleasures of the DP2 (or any Foveon chip, I imagine) is bringing a RAW file into Sigma Photo Pro and waiting those few seconds for it to turn into something. I learned long ago not to ever delete a RAW file in the camera based on what I saw in the viewfinder...
  15. Don Ellis

    Happy May Day ...

    Hi Bill, I keep my brick in a bag -- and with a battery grip and L-bracket, it's a double brick. But I do occasionally like what it can do. Still, I look back on all the photos I've taken with compact cameras and I really love them. If they can't capture certain things, so what? Capture other...