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Recent content by Don Ellis

  1. Don Ellis

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    Beautiful shot, lovely tones, moody mood. :)
  2. Don Ellis

    Indian Lunch

    And Indian lunch with an Indian girl at Woodland's, Hong Kong's only South Indian restaurant. We've been going there for nearly 20 years but today I decided to act like a tourist and took this photo while the food was still on the table. Sigma DP2. Leela's having a South Indian Thali, a...
  3. Don Ellis

    Happy May Day ...

    Cheers from Leela and me ... I'm the one behind the DP2. I don't shoot with it too much these days, but still carry it when we're wandering around town and I'm travelling light. The restaurant gave me a chance to use it -- and it's still a fine camera. I hope all is well with everyone. Don
  4. Don Ellis

    Indian Movie Poster

    It's been awhile since I've said hello ... this weekend I've spent some time going through some old photos (and being reminded that I should probably quit shooting and start processing -- but it's much more fun to shoot). Sigma DP2, ISO200, f/2.8, 1/6 sec. Cheers, Don
  5. Don Ellis

    Hipstamatic Dali (4 photos)

    There’s a new update to Hipstamatic (you can now get a white camera body if you like) and a new lens available for US$0.99 – the Dali lens. Rich, game fool that I am, I bought it … and here are four results from my morning commute. Escalator ... Commuter sitting and talking ... Commuter...
  6. Don Ellis

    Happy Halloween

    Someone reminded me today of this photo I tool quite a while ago ... and he mentioned that Halloween was nearly here. So it is ... and so is Spooks. Taken with a Canon G9, as I recall -- with a flash. :) He's sitting on our terrace wall, guarding the family home (or looking to unnerve some...
  7. Don Ellis

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    I probably shouldn't be posting Canon 5D photos here, but all my friends are in this forum and I don't want to cross-post to the Canon Forum. Life is a challenge... but friends win out. At least until a moderator grabs me by the scruff of the neck. :D I'll limit myself to one photo and tell you...
  8. Don Ellis

    Hipstamatic update available now

    Version 170 is now available. I was pretty happy with the old version except for the fact that I closed the program in Review mode, it was a problem trying to get the camera to work when I opened it again. That has apparently been fixed. And the Clear button has returned to the Review mode...
  9. Don Ellis

    Ginger Man

    I took this first photo perhaps six years ago. This gentleman sells ginger flowers (or something similar -- don't hold me to botany) for about US2.50 for two little packets of very strong-smelling flowers. It is a custom that keeps him from begging -- offering you something in return for your...
  10. Don Ellis

    Spooks at the bottom of a wicker well

    Taken this morning with the iPhone 4. Resized in Photoshop. Don
  11. Don Ellis

    Dashboard Troops

  12. Don Ellis

    Spooks on sheets

    It doesn't happen often... there's usually a quilt or bedspread on before he's allowed to jump up, but today just a sheet. In this case, an over-20-year-old sheet from Lane Crawford (one of our posh stores in Hong Kong) that has been washed to downy softness. Just right for a Friday morning...
  13. Don Ellis

    Spooks - your morning mammal

    Perhaps more interesting than the animal this time is the quilt -- I thought you might like seeing something other than the yellow one he's usually on. This is perhaps the most valuable of the family quilts -- a Double Wedding Ring pattern, if you're interested. I posted a story and photos of...
  14. Don Ellis


    I know you've missed him, but there's a reason: this was taken with a new (old) 5D, but since all our friends are here, I wanted to post at least one with an explanation. Now if the moderators leave this, I promise we'll never do it again. :) Don and Spooks P.S. It looks like I might have had...
  15. Don Ellis

    Spooks protesting paparazzi in the bedroom

    DP2 in this morning's sunrise -- apparently a little too early for cool cats who haven't finished combing their hair.