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Recent content by drevil

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    Capture One 21 Analytics FYI

    When the service is for free, you are the product! Oh wait, C1 isnt free.......
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    WTB: Contax 645 IQ180/280 digital back

    I just recently acquired a P65+ on the chinese market, it has 2 dings unfortunately but it works just well. manual focusing isnt bad on the contax, except shooting the 80/2 wide open, i also have the split screen which is very helpful, for landscape, just turn the focus to the far end, 35mm and...
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    Fuji GFX100S priced at $5999

    dont underestimate the amount of wealthy chinese, who buy only the best of the best with "i dont care how much it costs" in their mind but the higher than expected amount of GFX100 cameras, is surely also related to the chinese market.
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    Fuji GFX100S priced at $5999

    given phase's track record, that wont happen before an IQ5200 is released;)
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    cant really see what to be disappointed about, amazing once in a lifetime view
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    WTB: Contax 645 IQ180/280 digital back

    Even a blind man could see that
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    Leaf Aptus II: Digital Back freezing with CF cards

    yes those treatments, both, aquirring leaf and mamiya, where d**k moves, just take over to destroy one competitor and get knowledge from another for cameras mostly, who knows maybe they allow schneider to use some patents from mamiya as well. just guessing. i think phase should have just let...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    I was on a very very frosty walk through the forbidden city two days ago, over night we got strong winter storms from mongolia, cooled down beijing to -10 degree at day time, but that meant also to have blue sky. Both images are made with the GFX100 and 23mm
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    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    OK just one assumption, people who own the roddie 23mm, say it performed badly on the iq100, on the iq4150 on the other hand it seems ok. having an even wider lens might result in worse images, but i dont know what is the flange distance of the roddie and thus the angle the tse17 is sending...
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    Anyone use Canon Tilt-Shift lenses on the IQ3 100?

    I just sold my 17, was never 100% happy with the results, and will move to Nikon 19mm soon, the nikon samples i have seen make a better impression than the 17. i also use the 50 TSE which is really good, all on the GFX100
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    GFX 50R vs IQ160 for architecture

    the samples on dpreview of the laowa are not very promising, its relatively soft, but i want to see a direct comparison to the 17 tse. but even with that i am not that happy and i think about "downgrading" to the nikon 19mm at the moment
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    REDUCE: Limited edition black chrome Leica 50mm f1.4 Asph Summilux-M mint-

    sorry for nitpicking, but its just 500 copies :cool:
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    back with team phase

    As i am preparing my great wall exhibition for next year i came across lots of images that i have taken with my contax 645 and p45+, that are, still today, stunning. i even managed to print one image at 180cm width. and all the talking with nikesteam, who is looking for an iq180 for ages, got...
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    Mirror slap effect - Contax 645 vs Hasselblad H

    didnt know that hasselblad had a hcd 80mm F2 ;)
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    Considering X1D II....

    also which well known youtuber? if you mean tony northrup, i have a big LOL for commenting