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Recent content by drevil

  1. drevil

    Hi from Camas Wa

    Welcome, more info please :)
  2. drevil

    Sinar evolution 75 and Phase one P65+ for Contax 645

    just my two cents, for someone who wants to use the C645 with a digital back, there should be no other goal than an IQ180 or even better 280(never seen one for sale) i deeply regret selling my IQ180, and even consider contacting the buyer to buy it back. even though i am quite happy with my...
  3. drevil

    Megapixel size of GFX 100S in 35mm mode?

    Around 60mp, first result at google helped;)
  4. drevil

    Fun with MF images 2022

    just my two cents, its an impressive image, but keeping the street in view would have helped, for me at least
  5. drevil

    M11 Images

    just watched a video of that bridge, any advantage with this design rather the traditional design?
  6. drevil

    Fun with MF images 2022

    "one last look" went out in my compound to take a few more autumn pictures, when i saw this group with this little girl turning around several times, seeing a foreigner becomes more rare these days as more and more foreigners are leaving china, for well known reasons. i had to rush the...
  7. drevil

    P/IQ torn apart?

    Hi, i searched alot on the internet but i couldnt find anything about how to disassemble P and/or IQ backs just one video where a guy partialy takes apart an P back anyone here who have a detailed manual how to do that? best regards mirko
  8. drevil

    Lonely IQ3-100 looking for a new loving Home

    I take it for three 8s
  9. drevil

    Lonely IQ3-100 looking for a new loving Home

    bad for business, chinese wouldnt bite at 4444 at all
  10. drevil

    Anyone using the leica monochrom as a small digital back?

    Why are you limited to 28mm? Because of the rangefinder? Thats what live view would be for, on a tech camera you wouldnt use the rangefinder anyway
  11. drevil

    Anyone using the leica monochrom as a small digital back?

    I doubt anyone will be able to provide the info you are looking for. i do own the m10m and love it for what it is capable of. And i was able to acquire a phase one achromatic+ (first gen 39mp) this year i know its hard to get by but maybe you can look for an achromatic+ as well. Mine with a...
  12. drevil

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    nice picture, but the 350D has a cmos sensor, if i am not mistaken, no DSLR from canon ever had a CCD