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    Canon EF Extender III on Fuji GFX: Image quality?

    The Extender will do nothing to sort the size of the image circle and the vignetting
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    C1 for iPad announces tethering for all currently supported cameras (EXCEPT PHASE ONE)

    No comments from dealers about the site being down... hmmmm
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    Phase One DF+ rechargeable battery really hot

    Return it/dispose of it, major fire risk.... Lithium batteries should have protection agains over heating...
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    changing lensboards - DIY or not?

    I think it boils down to the exact distance between the front node and the rear, I know shims are used to get it spot on to get the sharpest image. I asked my supplier about getting a lens board changed and they said it could be done and quite a cost due to the lens calibration process
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    Can Anyone Explain Why Medium Format Film Cameras are going up in Price

    This just boils down to supply and demand. With very few medium format film cameras being made and a ever shrinking pool of old cameras, its not hard to see why prices are going up. Just had a shock at the ebay price for my Mamiya 7ii, its now twice the price I paid for it back in 2007 😯
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    Hasselblad H future...

    I think this is clear that the H-System not getting any updates. The 100 megapixel back is now seriously old... I know Phase one are suffering from the gfx taking a big chunk of their market. I think neither will be getting any updates for a long time.
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    Hasselblad, we have a (service) problem...

    I always say things will always go wrong, its what they do about it that matters. Not looking great...
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    Unable to log into profile

    Yeah i had my account wiped, i think its the separating of P1 and C1 companies that has caused it
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    New Hi-Res cameras - file size issues

    Data backup is a nightmare, having a good strategy is needed. Accounting for the following is needed, Onsite hardware failures, onsite malicious problems, remote controlled onsite malicious problems, Offsite hardware issues, offsite company failures. So from your hard drive failing, your...
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    IQ4 Remote App

    Probably is coming with a M1 iPad but you can't get your hands on the M1 iPad yet and giving legacy support for non M1 users
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    IQ4 Remote App

    Trying really hard not to be cynical, i also have low expectation, this has been in development for so long it should be able to go out and take photos for you while you sit on the sofa :p
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    With the new ipad pro getting a M1 cpu i think there is a good chance of capture one on ipad. let wait and see :)
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    Of Course it would be UI optimized, but if you have the core of the program written and everything underneath, you are a long way towards a working app