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Recent content by erlingmm

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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    I normally have AF set to the back button on the XF. How will Cascable handle focusing with this setting? Will I have to set it back to default first?
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Cosmic Easter: I was able to catch both the Aurora and The Milky Way in the same shot. Taken in the mountains of southern Norway, where the Aurora is rare and unpredictable, and often only shows in the horizon Phase One XF IQ4150, SK 35 f/3,5 ISO 6400 25 sec
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

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    Help with Phase One XF decision please!

    I did the same, The 40-80 is heavy but optically good. I would recommend having one of the smaller primes in addition (55, 80, 110) for portability
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    Next IQ4 firmware update?

    I just have to say I am perfectly happy with the XF/IQ4. Maybe because I was new to the system when I bought it last year, impressed by the file quality, the averaging, and now the dual exposure. Also Profoto integration and tethering. I did not buy it on “promises”, just “as is”, anticipating...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    At Kistefos Museum of sculpture, outside Oslo, Norway. Sculpture by Marc Quinn «All Nature Flows Through Us» Phase One XF IQ4150, SK150 2,8 at ISO 200, 1/1000, f 3,5
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    What will happen to the content?

    Have you read it? I think it is an important resource, a small cost compared to my equipment, if I can use it better :grin: I am not asking you to subscribe, but to my knowledge this is the only publication focusing exclusively on MF, and could be a "home" for this group (but probably not the...
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    What will happen to the content?

    I think the Medium Format Magazine actually has become quite interesting. Maybe they can host a group, at least for this particular topic? - Erling
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    Capture One 20

    Can someone provide a direct link to the DB version for download? I am always directed to the full Pro version that requires additional payment, annoying. I have perpetual licence as a Phase One system owner, but even when I try to upgrade directly from the current C1 12 covered by that...
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    Profoto A1 with Phase One XF

    I have the Nikon version of the A1s. No problems from XF.
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    Ther versatility or PITA of a Medium Format Camera as a travel camera

    3 in the backpack: 35 and 150, 110 on the camera, and 55 in my pocket, if I need them all
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    Ther versatility or PITA of a Medium Format Camera as a travel camera

    I travel with Phase One XF and 3 lenses, using the backpack, really useful. It is a version NYA EVO 36 with special inserts from Phase One, but generic inserts are available for other cameras:
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    Arca D4 Users, looking for your feedback

    Ordered the D4 based on the above discussion/comments, to be used on Phase One XF and Leica S. Arrives next week, looking forward to try it out. Was tempted by the cube, but prefer a lighter solution.
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    New Product: Arca Swiss Core Leveler 75

    How do these compare, use-wise to the Arca D4? Are they mostly useful on a tech cam, or flexible and quick enough to be useful on for example XF, Hasselblad etc.?
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    New Phase One Firmware for IQ, XF, and XT

    How can I roll back to previous version?