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    FS: Fuji x100t complete

    Silver Fuji x100t camera. I am the only owner. Bought it new a couple of years ago. Used it sparingly. Shutter count < 3k. Super clean. LCD screen had screen protector on from day one. No obvious signs of marks on the machine. No pits/dents. Lens is clean. Never had issues with the camera...
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    FS: Mamiya 7 80mm Lens

    Mamiya 80mm Lens for Mamiya 7, 7II system. Excellent condition. Works great. Glass free scratches or fungus. Comes with hood, rear cap and a red filter. Sorry no front cap. ---$450 shipped and paypal'ed within CONUS
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    FS:Leica M 50mm F1.4 Summilux ASPH 6bit coded

    Leica M 50/1.4 summilux ASPH lens with 6 bit coded in black color. Lens is in Mint condition. Glass is clean and clear. All functions are perfect. Barrel shows no dents/dings/scratches. Comes with original front,rear caps and leather pouch. NO box or paperwork. ----$3250 shipped and...
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    FS: Sony FDA-EV1S Electronic Viewfinder for NEX-5N

    Brand new in box. USA model. Never used. Compatible with nex 5 and 5N ----$300 shipped and paypal'ed within CONUS
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    WTB: Sony FDA-EV1S finder for nex 5N

    Looking for a used one in good condition. Please msg me with total price with shipping to NY
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    FS: Rokinon 8mm F2.8 Ultra-Wide Fisheye lens for Sony Nex

    Rokinon 8mm F2.8 Ultra-Wide Fisheye lens in Sony Nex mount. Brand New In Box. Never used. ---$300 paypal'ed and shipped within CONUS
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    FS: Vivitar 450mm F4.5 Series 1 Mirror lens in T mount

    EX condition. Glass is free of fungus, haze or scratches. Works well. Very rare lens. Took me a while to find one in decent shape. Comes with hood. No caps. Again, lens is in T mount. No adapter included. ------$1000 shipped and paypal'ed within CONUS
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    FS:Zeiss ZM 35mm F2.8 C-Biogon

    Black Zeiss ZM 35/2.8 C-biogon in mint condition. Glass is clean and clear. Barrel shows no marks. I am the original owner. Comes with front, rear caps, UV filter, box and manual. ----$700 shipped and paypaled within CONUS
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    FS: L-Hexanon 50mm f2.4 / Nokton 50mm f1.5 / Canon 50mm f1.4 LTM

    U don't see the 50/2.4 very often. Great lens.
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    FS: Hasselblad E12 backs latest

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    FS: Hasselblad E12 backs latest

    I have 3 of the latest E12 backs for Hasselblad system. All in mint or better condition. No box or packaging. Looking for $450 each shipped within CONUS payment by paypal (gift or add 3%) or USPS MO.
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    FS:Canon Lens mount converter A and B

    I have two sets so letting one set go. Canon Lens mount converter A: allow using leica LTM lens on canon FD bodies Canon Lens mount converter B: allow using canon FD lenses on leica LTM bodies. Both are in execellet condition, fully functional. ----$100 shipped and paypal'd within CONUS
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    FS: Mamiya 7 7II 50mm F4.5L lens

    SOLD Thanks.