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Recent content by georgecleansman

  1. georgecleansman

    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    I can say that I am extremely satisfied with my Hasselblad H6D-100c and the excellent color quality. Anyone who has shot with an H6D-100c will appreciate the camera's good action and reliability. I don't need an IBIS on the H camera because it's well balanced and weighs around 1.6kg. I think...
  2. georgecleansman

    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    I am waiting for a new H7D - that's all!
  3. georgecleansman

    Fun with MF images 2022

    Please do you have also an image without your typical light stripes ?
  4. georgecleansman

    Hasselblad H future...

    The question is, if there is still a market for a possible new HD7 camera with 150 MP. The image quality of the HD6-100c is excellent. The lenses designed by Hasselblad and manufactured by Fuji are also very good. Sure Phase One has in the XF camera more features. But what does a user really need?
  5. georgecleansman

    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    I love my H6D-100c because of the best colors I had ever seen ;)
  6. georgecleansman

    Raw histograms and raw converters

    This is a very important aspect to get best image quality. The right exposure has to be done on location and I guess that the histogram of many cameras is based on a jpg conversion image and don't show us no RAW data.
  7. georgecleansman

    Hasselblad: Phocus Or Lightroom

    1. First use Phocus for best colors 2. Export 16bit psd-file to Photoshop for more corrections 3. Print with Photoshop
  8. georgecleansman

    Hasselblad Phocus and MacOS 11 Big Sur

    Does the new MBP with M1 ARM chip run much faster than with the old MBP with Intel chips if you use Phocus 3.5.4 and C1 20?
  9. georgecleansman

    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    Thank you very much for your friendly advices. Today I ordered the Cube C1 Classic without the Geared Panning GP. I see the biggest advantage of the Cube against the ball head that I can pan my camera without any leveling anymore. Thats very important for me. Also I decided me against the...
  10. georgecleansman

    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    Do you use the GP or the non GP version? Is it good enough for normal (rough :)) landscape photography to buy a normal Cube C1 without panning gearing?
  11. georgecleansman

    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    Hi I am considering to buy a Arca Cube C1 for mounting a Hasselblad H6D. But I am a little bit worried because this Cube C1 seems for me best solution for studio work, but not outside in snow storm, rain and rough atmospheres. The Cube C1 has an open design, where the gears are not protected...
  12. georgecleansman

    Open letter to Hasselblad

    I agree to this message, the H6D-100c delivers great image quality and superb colors. With some features like focus bracketing implemented in a new firmware this would be great. To improve the H6D with a newer model H7D there is the question what part of the H-system can Hasselblad make better...
  13. georgecleansman

    How do you protect your tech cam from ghastly weather conditions? .... this could be helpful :)
  14. georgecleansman

    Your personal process of evaluating new gear

    To buy cameras and lenses is not only a logical and evaluated process - its very emotional. Furthermore expensive cameras are "big boy toy" :)