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Recent content by georgl

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    Linotype-Hell Tango Drum Scanner blog

    To summarize and share my experiences with the Linotype-Hell Tango and other scanners (Dimage 5400, Eversmart Pro II, Howtek D4000, Imacon Flextight 646) I've started a blog, it's in an early stage and my first one, so please bear with me: I'll try to give regular updates...
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    Howtek D4000 vertical streaking

    I recently bought a Howtek D4000 drum scanner, the first scans were fine. I cleaned the drum and lens and then noticed vertical streaking. I noticed that pads on the right side of the drum were missing and I switched to the other, nearly new drum - now it runs much smoother even at higher...
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    Schneider Digitar for 4x10"

    Has anyone ever tried a Schneider Digitar (180/ 210mm) on a 4x10"-camera? I know, it's an entirely different experience than 8x10" - but I guess the panoramic format would be interesting and using tiny lenses with higher IQ would make the decision much easier!? According to Schneider, they...
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    Ebony RW810E from Japan?

    I've thought about switching from digital to the other extreme - 8x10" - for some time now. On Photokina I've handled an Ebony for the first time and I think I'm in love... :-) I've always wanted to visit Japan anyway and wonder how expensive the Ebony RW810E (yes, Ebony wood) is there...
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    Noise of 6,0µm Kodak CCD (H3DII-50 & S2)

    The new Hasselblad H3DII-50 uses the first entirely new Kodak full-frame-CCD-architecture since 4 years, has anybody compared noise & DR with it's predecessors (6,8µm -> H3DII-39)? It would be quite interesting to see how much has changed, especially since the Leica S2 will use the same...