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    Thanks Darr, I went out for a play and I really like it. I have used my 120mm a lot but generally to shoot over something. The test shot attached is a pic I have taken a few times, at the lake at the end of my street, but the headlands in the background always appear a little to far away but...
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    Thanks Darr, That makes a lot of sense. I really like using my longer lens, XCD120, for my Panos. So are you just using the E6H as a side mount gimbal with an L bracket to shoot portrait? I use my XCD45 and XCD120 50/50% so I am not sure a gimbal would work unless I carry both. Would adding a...
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    Hi Darr, Thanks for this post. I have been a regular pano guy for a long while. I use a Benro Pano tripod head system for my multi row panos with a AS L60 leveller. After reading your post I am intrigued by your use of a gimbal head. Besides the weight do you see any other benefits of the...
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    Hasselblad 907x + CFVII 50c firmware update 1.4.0

    Man that is bad luck. I ran through mine in about 10 mins I think. SE Body + 21/45/120 My 45 is the non P version though.
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    I normally shoot street art on film with one of my MF cameras, but living in Queenstown NZ and with restricted travel, I haven't had much opportunity to shoot any street art. So I bought a Rolleicord Vb III and thought I would have a play with double exposures. Have always loved Rolleis. This...
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    907x 50c now available

    I agree totally on the nostalgia and design aspect of the 907x, it makes me happy everytime I take it out of the bag and being extremely kinesthetic I really enjoy just holding it. In use it is the perfect camera for my long exposure work.
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    🙏🙏 Thanks so much.
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    I took my kit for a hike to a local viewing spot over Moke Lake near Queenstown. The 21mm handles this type of vista really well I feel. I was trialling my new H&Y drop in NDs and this was a ~6m exposure with the 16 stop drop in.
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    Phase One XT

    The XT/IQ4 would be the perfect setup for me, as an amatuer though I would just have to find a new wife:unsure:
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    I hope to contribute again to this thread soon. After being sidetracked with my 907x I am back with a film buzz again and a little Rolleicord Vb series III just landed on my desk. Rolleis have always been my favourite film cams and I see a series of double exposures coming up.
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    Fuji GF670w plus Case

    And again
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    XCD lenses... wow.

    I use the 21mm for my long exposure work. It can get a little funky on the edges in the skies depending on direction and intensity of the sun and how many filters I have stacked, but all in all it is an amazing lens considering how wide it is. I am a tripod guy and my kit is 21/45/120 and none...
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    Fuji GF670w plus Case

    Selling my much loved Fuji GF670w. My favourite film camera of all time. I am the second owner and it has worked flawlessly. US$2200 and I will pay the PP fees and courier costs.
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    Lens recommendations for CFV50c II on Actus G

    Apologies if this is the 90th lens recommendation thread but I can't seem to find anything out there for my situation. I currently have the X1D on my Actus G and find the lens restrictions at the wide end frustrating. I fell hard for the 907x/CFV50c II and am on the waiting list. I live in...