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    Fuji rendering?

    Far more than lenses and sensors (CCD v. CMOS), I think it comes down to the aesthetic sensibilities about color and tone possessed by the people at the camera manufacturers who design the dedicated software for processing the files. There is definitely a "look" to the Fuji files as compared to...
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    Hasselblad, we have a (service) problem...

    When I read a story like this, I have three reactions. First, it is truly sad that you have had to deal with this mess. Second, based upon my experiences with an even more extensive set of X1D/X1D II bodies and 6 lenses, I believe you are remarkably unlucky. I have not had a single issue of...
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    A special issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine - CELEBRATION OF THE PRINT is here!

    Olaf, the two emails you sent me to my email address from YOUR email account were immediately received in my email account. No problem. However, whatever email account that the website uses is not generating emails that are being received by me.
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    A special issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine - CELEBRATION OF THE PRINT is here!

    As a subscriber, I received the email about the December issue of Elements Magazine on December 4th and have been trying for almost three weeks to log in and download the issue with my regular email address and password with no success. I have also requested probably 20 times that an email be...
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    What's Hasselblad Been Up To?

    I would like to see a copy of that "partnership" agreement between OnePlus and Hasselblad. I am going to ask Hasselblad for a copy. :giggle:
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    What's Hasselblad Been Up To?

    Well, the convenient assumption is nothing much, as Hasselblad has been silent and Fuji continues to release one GFX model after another. However, I just came across the following press release: It's a partnership...
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    Be Careful with Your Digital Backs!!

    You are in for a treat. I think the User Interface on the CFV II is the same as the X1D. It is remarkably intuitive. It is simply the best UI I have ever experienced. I can put my X1D away for a month, come back to it and immediately know what I am doing without rereading a 400 page manual, or...
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    Be Careful with Your Digital Backs!!

    Sorry about your mishap. I will not admit to how many times my tripod has fallen over with some awfully expensive gear on it. I assume you got the 907x kit with the CFV II back, so you are getting more than just enhanced LCD screen resolution. You are getting a new "camera" to play with that can...
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    Got my GFX100s today.

    I agree that the choice of the 3.69m dot EVF for the 100S is unfortunate. It is two generations behind the state of the art in EVFs, the 9.44m dot EVF Sony has put into the new A1. the 3.69M dot EVF really does not work well for MF with Live View, even compared to the 2.36M dot EVF in the...
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    X1DII EVF brightness

    The rubber eyecup on the X1DII is quite rigid, and, in sunny conditions when the sun is shining toward you from the side, the bright sunlight can leak through and throw off the EVF If you leave any space around it when your eye is looking through the viewfinder. Try to duplicate this by...
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    Hasselblad X1D ll default/capture sharpening?

    Yes, don't. The very best results are obtained, IMO, by exporting a 16 bit TIFF to Photoshop with NO sharpening and using either Focus Magic or Topaz Labs Sharpen AI with the Stabilize Module. Not an efficient solution if you need to process a large number of flies, but if you want to process a...
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    Managing Hasselblad X-System files

    I use LR for my DAM, and process images for export to PS in both Phocus and LR. I first open a Folder on my external HD for storing the images I want to download off a card and label it based upon location and date. I load the card, and then I use Phocus to import the files into the desired...
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    ELEMENTS Magazine

    Congratulations, Olaf. Hopefully, it will be priced at a level that makes sense to me. In that regard, you may want to look at other epublications like On Landscape, which comes out every other week and is very thoughtful and well done, IMO.
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    HASSELBLAD 907x Major connection issues

    I have also noticed issues with the Hasselblad remote. Sometimes I press it and it does not trip the shutter and I have to try once or twice more. I also find that there is lag even when the shutter is tripped on the first press. This would obviously be a serious problem if you are trying to...
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    Hasselblad 907x + CFVII 50c firmware update 1.4.0

    I gather that the enhancements to Phocus Mobile 2 do not involve a new version of it. It's embedded in the firmware update for the camera through the way the camera "interacts" with Phocus Mobile 2.