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Recent content by iiiNelson

  1. iiiNelson


    Looks like a great offering. I personally would lie a mechanical shutter for confidence in tricky lighting but no huge faults with this camera.
  2. iiiNelson

    Sony A7 IV Unveiled: 33MP Sensor & ISO 200,000!

    Looks like a solid addition but I’m also am not the targeted demographic for this type of camera I assume. Personally people buy full frame cameras for a variety of reasons. Seeing the video needing to go to an APS-C crop for high frame rate video is a pet peeve of mine personally. Either the...
  3. iiiNelson

    Bought a Sigma fp L

    I love the idea of the Sigma fp and the only things that stopped me from getting one was lack of mechanical shutter and that the screen doesn’t tilt. Great concept though and I’m happy that someone sees value in a modular camera still.
  4. iiiNelson

    Leitz joins L-Mount Alliance

    ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR GMBH JOINS THE L-MOUNT ALLIANCE OCTOBER 14, 2021 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH is the first company to join the L-Mount Alliance since the public announcement of the standard at photokina 2018. Consisting of founding members Leica Camera AG, SIGMA, and Panasonic, the goal of the...
  5. iiiNelson

    Recommend A Mount Lenses for A99 F1.8-F2.0

    I can confirm that the 135/1.8 is excellent isthe lens that likely moved a lot of A900 bodies. It’s also the only A-mount lens I still own.
  6. iiiNelson

    Two new M.Zuiko lenses

    I don’t disagree that bodies are becoming good enough that it makes sense to not upgrade at each revision (and I’ve personally have operated this way for years now) but there was a lot of maturity that had to happen with digital as the market shifted. As for Panasonic, the Lumix division is...
  7. iiiNelson

    Sigma new products annoucement in 6 days !

    I wouldn’t mind a Sigma fp with a mechanical shutter and some of the things like hand grips and accessory attachments already included in the package. I like the idea of modular but they took a strong “Frankenstein” approach to their design and a lot of the modular pieces feel out of place like...
  8. iiiNelson

    Tempted, very tempted... GRIIIx

    Yeah… I’ve been intrigued by this one as well. Just can’t find a clear date on product delivery to see if it’s something I really want.
  9. iiiNelson

    Two new M.Zuiko lenses

    I think there are two different arguments being made. No one (I don’t believe) is questioning the capability of the product. People are questioning the long term viability of the brand and how it will continue to be perceived as a market failure due to managerial decisions to not adjust and...
  10. iiiNelson

    Two new M.Zuiko lenses

    I think like so much these days price and perception of value is going to likely determine commercial success even when critical praise is earned. I can’t help but think that it behooves Olympus to maybe jump in with another company like Sony E-mount to provide some great E-mount APS-C lenses...
  11. iiiNelson

    Sigma new products annoucement in 6 days !

    That’s up to Canon and Nikon to open their lens mount protocols to 3rd party lens designers. As it stands, everyone would need to reverse engineer lens compatibility with the newer mounts. With the costs of design and development increasing, I can’t imagine that’s a venture most want to spend...
  12. iiiNelson

    Panasonic Lumix S1R Review

    Did a long term review of my usage with the S1R after some time.
  13. iiiNelson

    Lumix S1 Series Firmware Upgrade Program

    A firmware update was released on July 12th for the S1/S1R/S5 cameras. Nothing too major came for the S1R but there was a significant improvement in photo based AF with either FW 1.8 or 1.9. I used the camera on a wedding yesterday and noticed the changes (for the better) early on. Also got more...
  14. iiiNelson

    Panasonic 50mm f/1.8

    Yeah they have a very active Facebook group. It’s a newer company started by the lens designer that designed the Kinefinity Mavo LF Cinema Prime lenses. They have a close working relationship with Kinefinity which is how I came by them while researching the Mavo LF/Mavo Edge cinema cameras...
  15. iiiNelson

    Panasonic 50mm f/1.8

    Yeah it’s a good alternative if one can’t afford the S Pro. Kinda wish the 35/1.8 was released first though. Panasonic really needs to push out an updated roadmap with expected timelines sooner rather than later. The 35mm is a focal length that doesn’t have an option from Panasonic yet...