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Recent content by Jack

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  2. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    Another one -- I am liking the way this lens renders more than I thought I would. Little bit of a learning curve to it, it likes well-chosen focus points...
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  4. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    Yup, it def fringes in high-contrast OOF areas at open apertures, but fortunately not too bad in in-focus areas. CA is not too bad even wide open.
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  6. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    Got a 58mm f1.4 lens to play around with. I've been looking for a look lens and this one has had mixed reviews, seems folks either love it or hate it. I demoed one example several years back and was in the "meh" camp. It didn't seem particularly sharp wide open, and by the time you stopped it...
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  9. Jack

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    From today's walk. We had some rain yesterday, and then mixed sunshine today and the wildflowers seemed to love it. I was drawn to the way the filtered lighting accentuated the color of this one. I believe it's a poppy of some sort:
  10. PurplePoppies.jpg


  11. Jack

    New Z firmware updates

    I just installed 1.2 in my Z7ii -- have not tested it yet other than to quickly check AF. What's weird, is while AF def seems even faster than before, it also seems quieter -- Maybe my hearing is going LOL ???
  12. Jack

    New Camera - no tripod

    Welcome to the magic of IBIS and great in lens stabilization :D
  13. Jack

    Nikkor Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S Photos and Discussions

    I will be interested in what both of you think of the 2x as I am somewhat conflicted about it. I have zero issues using the 1.4x -- to my eyes it is as good as the lens by itself in all areas. However with the 2x, I first see a tiny bit of IQ loss, arguably not enough to really matter for most...
  14. Jack

    DxO scores are out for Z 7ii

    Well the mount is for certain capable. The existing S lenses are also so good at the corners, it has me wondering if 1) they will cover the 55mm IC of the FujiG/HassyX sized sensor -- I personally think they would, then 2) how good will performance be across that IC. OTOH, the current IQ is so...
  15. Jack

    DxO scores are out for Z 7ii

    It's a great camera for sure.