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Recent content by Jan Brittenson

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    Got my Z9 finally. Love it. It has some oddities, mainly in firmware though. Like, it has four shooting banks and four custom settings banks (for a1-g10 or whatever things that can be set). But it doesn't remember which custom settings bank I used last for a particular shooting bank, so...
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    Nikkor Z 70-200mm f/2.8 S Photos and Discussions

    A few more shot recently with this lens, all with the ZTC14.
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    Congratulations! (y)
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    The 400mm

    Yeah, don't get me wrong - sounds like a brilliant optic!
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    The 400mm

    Or the St Petersburg Grand Prix (on Feb 27th)... where they allow you as non-press (or press outside of designated press areas) to bring a lens of up to 10" in length. The 500 PF is... ta da, 9.4" without a hood (if anyone shows up with a measuring tape I'll just remove the hood). All the big...
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    I doubt I'll see my Z9 anytime soon, so am I'm consoling myself with a Z 50/1.2 S until. The 1.2 S is as technically flawless as the 1.8 S, even wide open, but with a lovely rendering while the 1.8 is slightly clinical (though less so than the other 1.8's). It's an unbelievable piece of glass!
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    Royal Tern, looking very royal Z7 + 500 PF
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    Winter evening on the beach at Sloppy Joe's, Treasure Island, FL. Z7 + 50/1.8 S ISO 720 f/4 1/30s -1.0EV (Oops, posted to the 2021 thread by mistake. :))
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    I'm spending the winter in Florida and really wish I had the Z9 in my hands right now, as I'm heading to Ding Darling NWR shortly. I did get a shipment notification from B&H this morning which got my attention, but alas it's only for the FTZ2. :) (Not that I expect to see the Z9 this soon...
  10. J

    Fun with Nikon Images 2021

    Grabbed the Z7 + 500 PF and headed out to look for pelicans... Very pinkish evening winter light now.
  11. J

    Nikon Z7 and 14-30 combo in 2022?

    The SNR is exactly the same, so while the D850 has somewhat higher dynamic range at ISO 100 and lower, it also has more noise. In effect there's no difference other than a slight tweak to the gain curve. Everything else is the same. Form
  12. J

    How do the New Nikon Z lenses compare to the Sony G

    The Z7 is mainly slow in lens racking, which affects its tracking ability for smallish subjects at relatively close distances. This, since at close distances more racking is needed to track. It's still very precise, and as long as the lens only needs minimal adjustment is very quick. So it's...
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    Which is the best software for Nikon files

    I use DxO PhotoLab, FilmPack, and Nik Tools. In particular Viveza for color and Silver Efex for B&W. DxO DeepPrime noise filtering is excellent, if a bit slow.
  14. J


    The MOST important aspect of the viewfinder to me is primarily that absolutely no numbers, indicators, bars, etc are overlaid on it when shooting. The exception is AF point indicators and such, but only while I hold AF-ON. When I let go this stuff needs to be removed. Anything overlaid...
  15. J


    I would actually want MORE automation in camera, just the right kind of automation. One thing I'd like to be able to do is place AF points in groups. One group to identify spots I want in critical focus (= peak lens performance at the solution aperture), one group to set points I want in...