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  1. J

    IQ4 Remote App

    Not if they keep Capture Pilot in the air too. If it is possible to run it from a hardware perspective I would feel left out, but you can't expect them to develop new features for a back that is getting quite old now.
  2. J

    GFX100S shutter failure

    Of course, but it's been only a couple of weeks. They have to trace the problem and then make a global plan on how to deal with it.
  3. J

    GFX100S shutter failure

    The issue is already well documented now. If you have the exact same failure in the future I can't see how you could have any problems in claiming a faulty product if you indeed have an early serial number. I don't see any reason to panic yet, so far I've seen no complaints on how Fuji have...
  4. J

    GFX100S shutter failure

    If it's true that they have already found the exact cause of all the failures, then that is probably their next step. In the meantime there is nothing wrong with relying on your dealers for a bit, that is what they are there for. I don't find it really surprising that we see this often with new...
  5. J

    CFVii50c strange artefacts and pattern

    Doesn't have to be four necessarily. Making big custom sensors out of 1 piece is risky and more expensive to develop. You make a building block and try to use it as often as possible for as many products as possible.
  6. J

    Sony A1 powerhouse

    It is definitely seems a very well-rounded camera. A do it all for most people. Definitely a great option for news and wedding shooters. It definitely seems that this is the only Sony you need. I like a fast camera sometimes, but never have a use for 29 of the 30 fps.
  7. J

    Sony A1 powerhouse

    Size is a huge improvement. Think of everything that is stuffed in that body and the problems with heat. A big sensor with video capabilities too and IBIS and not even a fixed screen. And with AF working til -5.5ev. All big things for MF. The A1 seems like more of an incremental improvement in...
  8. J

    Sony A1 powerhouse

    If Fuji continues this development pace you might not need another FF camera on the side soon.
  9. J

    Sony A1 powerhouse

    Seems more like they agreed to partake in the pissing contest with Canon than a game changer.
  10. J

    Fuji GFX100S priced at $5999

    The gains of 16-bit were probably so small that it wasn't worth processing and moving around all that data when you already have a much smaller body or the gains were mitigated by heat build up.
  11. J

    Fuji GFX100S priced at $5999

    It all sounds very promising. It might even reintroduce MF to wedding photographers.
  12. J

    Good lens for flower photography?

    If you want the very most pleasing rendering without compromises I think you'd still have to look at a large format lens. The large recording area combined with a buttery smooth, but technically slightly flawed, lens is almost impossible to beat in digital.
  13. J

    Digital Snob

    I think a photographer should approach his work as a craft. You have to make a living first and have to strive to produce the highest quality possible. Of course there is always the dream of approaching it from a purely artistic perspective, but without the craft side and experience it is not...
  14. J

    Fun with the Ricoh GR III

    From yesterday's airing.
  15. J

    what tool for stitching shift images?

    For shifted images you really don't need very special software, especially if you already applied lens corrections, Photoshop should have no problem. If you have to batch process them it might differ slightly and you would need to do some testing which works best and fastest with your computer.