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Recent content by KC_2020

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    Hasselblad Macro - XCD 120mm vs V 120mm

    How high a magnification do you want to shoot ? The 100mm C T* with an extension tube or 2 is an outstanding combination. As sharp if not sharper than the V macro lenses. It's of course not flat field so you have to allow for that. Having said that the XCD 120 is another class of lens. You...
  2. K

    Anyone considered switching to shooting 100% with film?

    It is a wonderful thing. My new dilemma is considering whether the environmental impact of my processing about 60 sheets a year is something to be concerned about.
  3. K

    8K is so last week... meet 12K

    You do realize that the camera was introduced over a year ago ? The bigger news is the price has dropped to $6K.
  4. K

    FS: Gitzo Series 5 GT5543XLS

    What you were asking for it before you lowered the price ? :oops:
  5. K

    Is this allowed?

    Yup, the porn spam I received was from new member keragelv565
  6. K

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    I hope you will understand why I'm going to trust my 30+ years of personal experience and not bother to click on the link you provided.
  7. K

    New to MF digital with 100mp camera - benefits of big/heavy tripod, given electronic shutter?

    I've been carrying a Matthews zippered, fillable sand/rock/water bag for the last couple of decades. I've hung it under the center of my 12' tall Gitzo when I stood beside it on a 15' ladder shooting architectural images, under my little Gitzo traveller carbon when back packing and under the...
  8. K

    Fun with MF images 2021

    I saw the Images and knew immediately that you had used the ACROS emulation. I shot hundreds of rolls of that stuff, still shooting it in fact. I think they really nailed the look. The images are very nice. Hard to go wrong with [email protected] shots of a welders with sparks flying and anyone in broad...
  9. K

    Fun with Sony Cameras 2021

    Good observations. That is a Water Snake. Unless you have a Koi pond or pet frogs he's not a threat :D
  10. K

    Leica APO 50/2.0 vs. Voigtlander APO 50/2.0

    Your link is not working
  11. K

    Medium Format and Coffee

    My friends in Tuscany insist that you must fill the basket so that it's a little higher in the middle. Then then when you twist the top on the pot it evens the coffee out perfectly. :unsure: I just explained their preference in 2 sentences. My wonderful Italian friends can spend a half an hour...
  12. K

    270mm lens for 8x10 camera.

    I said they were popular. Not ideal. I helped teach a couple of workshops by a well known assistant of Ansel Adams in Monterey Valley years ago and everyone had a 270 G Claron. They were considered part of the standard field kit for 4X5 and 8X10.
  13. K

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Interesting image. It looks like a 3ds Max render. Particularly the foreground and the building.
  14. K

    Going back from GFX100S to SL2

    It is a paywalled site.
  15. K

    Going back from GFX100S to SL2

    I've used all three and there is no doubt that Leica has very appealing, unique color. That Kodachrome look, some would say.