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Recent content by Kirmo

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    XF Feature Update 2, Capture One 9.1

    Just updated XF and the IQ380 that I have. I'll have more time next week to try these out. Kirmo
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    Latest Firmware for XF

    We had a few weeks real winter and several days -26C ... -36C. Missed reading this topic and was busy just keeping the house warm and preparing my self for the coming trip to Asia. Hope to have some more winter weather when back and I'll try to rememeber check how XF handles this climate...
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    Capture One Pro 9 Launched!

    Downloaded the new version 9.0.1 At least a bunch of crashes been fixed. Kirmo
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    Capture One Pro 9 Launched!

    Been using version 9 for 3 days on Mac with 32 Gt RAM. Using Catalogs, first from version 8 that was upgraded by the software. This worked with only couple crashes until a new crash and catalog will not open or can not be repaired by software it self. So I made a new and imported files (> 50...
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    Interesting backup device when on the road

    For several years been doing trips far from home. I carry a MacBook Air 11" and 3 external small disks. Need to be sure for backups. Need to read either CF's or other type of memory cards. I don't see that these would make much sense to current situation. Also I can do some work with MacBook...
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    Mamiya RB 67 and IQ180

    Finally have some spare time and got on loan the needed adaptor to put things together. Quick testing and the combination with RB 67 + IQ 180 + adaptor for Mamiya ZD backs with a small change seems to work. I'll do some more testing next weeks. At least the following lenses waiting for RB: 65mm...
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    LR catalog into C1 7.1.3

    I tried this beta feature. Seemed to work fairly well. Just a small catalog imported. The aperture and shutter speed values don't go corretly. I like the idea that this has been thought. Anyone else tried this?
  8. K

    IQ180 for portraits, fashion etc

    I don't shoot commercialy but have been going to Hainan to photograph the chance happening there. Carrying two sets a) Canon 1Ds mk III and b) Phase DF P65+ which I upgraded to IQ180. PLus plenty of lenses to both sets. I use both and trying to move more to IQ180. As mentioned by others the...
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    Cameras for polar bears, help.

    ok, just what I thought. Makes sense now. Just be aware that polar bears can be everywhere. Some have been spotted in the city of Longyearbyn! Then some times very hard to see. The not so nice thing is that these animals are marked. Some kind of things put into the ears and some have numbers...
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    Cameras for polar bears, help.

    Polar bears in Finland? The only ones we have are in the zoo's! The nearest to us are in Russia or Svarlbard Norway. Been to Svalbard twice. Photographing from a ship. I think kayaking there might mean that you also need have a rifle with you. When going outside from city you have to have a...
  11. K

    Time for a new printer!

    Small prints with big printer. I don't complain. As with my Epson 9900 it's so easy to print for my wife. She wants a few hundred small prints. I get the files. Import to Lightroom. Use my pre-set which is 6 small prints on one long page. 44" inch roll paper. I choose all photos in...
  12. K

    CF Cards for IQ180

    I have been using Sandisk Extreme 60 MB/s 32 GB as the main card and some 16 GB as spare ones with no problem. Tried saving money and bought 2 Kingston cards and had to throw one away as having problems with it (I used these only with Canon). Bill, how any cards are you taking? Kirmo
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    Capture One and Lightroom equal now?

    Not saying that I'm an expert on both. I use both of these for my needs. I see two areas where LR is far better than C1. 1) Printing I do almost 100% of my printing through LR 2) DAM Keywording and cataloging both my Canon and IQ180 files is in LR. LR is not even near where it...
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    Suspicious photographers.

    Just back from 8th trip to Hainan China. Again back from photograpers heaven. No problems ever there for photographing. Some shy people but no police or other authorities have never asked what I'm doing with with my cameras. Me the only big white guy and no hope hiding in the crowds. So we in...
  15. K

    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    I had a split second to take this picture. I set everything before raising my camera. She turned away when heared my camera shutter clicking. So only one picture of this sofisticated Chinese lady. 1Ds III 24-105 set at 47mm f 13 1/60 ISO 400 Kirmo