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    New Image Processor

    Hey Carl: LYN uses Apple's CoreImage library to deal with the image files, so in the case of all Sigma files---you're using the embedded jpg. It's a nice program, but it's not a raw editor for Sigma files. Jim
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    From Sigma to Pentax -

    If it works---if the acquisition time isn't substantially longer, if the pixel edges are as sharp as a foveon---it would be a beautiful thing. You'd gain in the sensitivity/noise arena---an area where the layered sensors have always struggled. For those of you who have forgotten, Foveon's first...
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    Iridient Developer

    Irident Developer is a very nice program—but won't do some of the sophisticated noise reduction/white balance calculations that SPP does (in SPP, these are tied together with the color deconvolution). For quality conversions, I'd say that SPP is generally the better piece of software. Version 5...
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    Sigma DP2 Quattro Shots

    Well, Sigma doesn't have that excuse. Family-owned and family-run company. They do have to feed their employees tho, so some stuff gets pushed out the door a bit early.
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    G43: Hah. Canon has been rumored to be working at this for the last 10 years. Nada. All the major players had an opportunity to buy Foveon (or use the sensors)... none did so other than Sigma. Sigma's the only company that's had the willingness to invest and put the effort into it. You can...
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    Again, while not an ideal situation---I'd point out that this is early days for the sensor and software combination. Having said that, it's always good form to contact Sigma/Foveon with examples of problems, and give them the feedback directly. And there's nothing in the book that says Sigma...
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    DP Merrill B&W workflow-SPP/Iridient Developer.

    Hi Paul, First off, I went and checked your website. It took a while to get my jaw back in place---really nice stuff!!! I've never loved Irident Developer. On the other hand, SPP has not been a crash-prone package for me. If you're interested in seeing if you could 'fix' SPP, I'd ask what...
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    Sigma DP2 Quattro Shots

    Hi Quentin, I don't think this is going to be that controversial. Colors are beautiful. I think that the 'loss in microcontrast' is mostly (not entirely) a 'perceived loss in microcontrast'. The camera is only going to get better with software improvements (and possible firmware...
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    I'm interested, Ute, in what part of the camera ergonomics do you think the Q has moved backwards? There are two command wheels (instead of the one on the Merrill), the camera design is 'better' to hold, the menus are improved, battery life is double, and the file saving time has been cut in...
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    Sigma (Foveon) has done this from the very beginning. I'm not unconvinced ALL camera manufacturers don't as well---but the Sigma color data is noisy, and they use some very clever methods to get color and details out. The noise patterns from the Foveon chip is different than CFA chips---and they...
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    And in fact, the very first camera built by Foveon did exactly that... :lecture:
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    I haven't picked up a DP2Q yet, but I'm going to give my 'opinions' on what I'm seeing... First off—it appears that the software has been rushed out early. I believe that this has more of an impact than you might imagine, because a lot of the 'foveon' goodness comes from the processing of the...
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    DP Merrill color Landscapes

    Louis, One thing that you can see the Foveon sensor do very well that CFA sensors struggle with is the 'detection' of narrow lines. It's not 'resolution' exactly, but you see how the power line in the background of the Sony 'winks out' in the middle---and you can see it more clearly in the...
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    Sigma DP2 Merrill shots

    Shaun, Fill light is a one-slider version of tone mapping, and it's very good. Going positive brings the edges of the histogram to the center, although I will rarely go above 0.4 in the settings. I'm also much more familiar with the older Sigma cameras and how they behave then the Merrill (I...
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    Petition for Sigma micro 4/3

    It's unlikely to happen, Rafael. There was talk about Sigma producing a removable lens compact before the original releases of the DP1 and DP2. What I believe they decided is that there's too many compromises with doing that—each camera is engineered for optimal optic performance (it wouldn't...