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Recent content by m_driscoll

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    A7r screen and viewfinder went black, today!

    I was out in the garden shooting with the A7r that I picked up a week and a half ago and the EVF and screen went totally black? Couldn't get the menu, or, anything else to come up. Changed batteries, put a different SD card in, and sacrificed a chicken, but, nothing. At my camera store...
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    SOLD: Leica Viewfinder Magnifier 1.25x & 1.4x

    Selling Leica Viewfinder Magnifiers 1.25x and 1.4x. Perfect condition. $150 each (includes USPS shipping/Insurance in CONUS). Payment by PayPal, only. Cheers, Matt
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    FS: Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.5

    Selling a very, very, lightly used (25 shots in LR) Leica Summarit-M 50mm f/2.5. $850 (includes USPS shipping/insurance in CONUS). Payment by PayPal, only. Cheers, Matt
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    FS: Sony RX1 + EVF

    I'm moving on and selling my Sony RX1 and EVF. Also included is a really nice JnK leather half case, B+W UV filter, extra battery, UpStrap (original Sony Strap included). Perfect; no marks; always had the half case, filter, and Sony LCD protector on. I'm asking $2,650 (includes USPS...
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    SOLD: Leica M9-P, black

    I'm selling my very 'minty' black Leica M9-P. I'm asking $5,000, which includes insurance and shipping in the CONUS. Payment by PayPal, only (or cash, if you're around Seattle). 5986 Actuations per M9info. Only mark is slight mar in upper left of back (see first photo). Lightroom 4 hasn't...
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    SOLD: Leica 24mm f/1.4 Summilux-M Aspherical Lens

    I'm selling my very 'minty' Leica 24mm f/1.4 Summilux-M Aspherical. I'm asking $5,500, which includes insurance and shipping in the CONUS. Payment by PayPal, only (or cash, if you're around Seattle). Cheers, Matt
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    More excellent 'Jono Slack'!

    Check this out! Tim Ashley Photography | Guest Photographer: Jono Slack
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    Fun with Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm f1.8

    Actually, I don't have any photos to post because I didn't make it down to the Camera store to pick it up! It's there. I'll get it tomorrow. Somebody must have picked their's up. :D Cheers, Matt Zenfolio | Matt Driscoll
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    FS Fuji X-Pro 1 and X10 Thumbs Up's

    I'm selling two Thumbs Up's 1. for Fuji X10 (EP-6s) - $60 2. for Fuji X-Pro 1 (CSEP-2) $65 Payment by Paypal only. Includes priority mail in CONUS. Thanks, Matt
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    FS Sony Nex Adapters

    I have the following adapters for sale: 1. Novoflex Leica M to Sony Nex NEX/LEM $125 SOLD 2. Novoflex Leica R to Sony Nex NEX/LER $105 SOLD 3. Novoflex Nikon to sony Nex NEX/NIK $145 4. Voigtlander Leica M to sony Nex VM $75 SOLD Payment by Paypal, only. Price includes Priority Mail...
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    FS: Mountainsmith Traverse AT Backpack

    I'm selling this Mountainsmith Traverse AT photographer's backpack. Never been used. See it here: Mountainsmith Traverse AT Backpack (Warm Gray) 07-81038-08 B&H $125, payment by Paypal, only. Includes shipping in CONUS. Cheers, Matt
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    FS: Filters, Thumbs Up, Leather Half Cases

    All ship by USPS Flat Rate (US, only) Payment by PayPal only. all with no scratches and in excellent shape. Cheers, Matt B + W 52mm Slim 010 1x (UV) $25 SOLD B + W 52mm 010 UV Haze 1x $30 B + W 52mm 010 UV Haze 1x $30 B + W 52mm 010 UV Haze 1x $30 B + W 49mm 010 UV Haze 1x $30...
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    Fun with M & R Lenses on anything other then a Leica

    Since, "it's the glass", I'll start this thread (with slightly more scope) then the earlier one. Please share the occasional photos of your $11k Noctilux, $7k 50mm Summicron, R-mount, CV, SLRMagic, Zeiss, etc. lenses on your Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Ricoh, iPhone, etc. This would make it easier on...
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    WTB: Leica 21-35mm Vario-Elmar-R lens

    I'm interested in buying a Leica R 1:3,5-4/21-35 mm ASPH. Vario-Elmar-R ROM lens in minty/ex+ condition (of course). Thanks. Matt Driscoll
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    Leica R Lenses on a Sony A77?

    I did a search and didn't come up with anything definitive, here, or through Google. There are some adapters available, but I couldn't figure out which ones actually worked for the A77 (A-Mount) (and future 'A99'). Some on Ebay were described as 'DIY'. Do-it-yourself? Anybody have any...