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  1. Mexecutioner

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Thank you Greg, yes, they are a great source of potassium and some good fats as well, unlike the brisket I just had for lunch.
  2. Mexecutioner

    Fun with MF images 2021

    I am starting another project that I have called "Found Objects", where I will be documenting objects I find aesthetically pleasing. These objects will have to be found with no effort and cannot be a product of any search, just random things I find during my walks, like this dried out leaf from...
  3. Mexecutioner

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Lately it has been hard to find inspiration, but I made a commitment to document every single crop we have from the yard and garden. These Haas avocados are from my favorite tree. I planted it 6 years ago and it has grown like crazy. When it was small it required a lot of care as the summer...
  4. Mexecutioner

    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    I tried it just now, but I honestly don't think it is working for me. I will have to test further. Just now when I touch the ETTR button the camera just makes an exposure right away with no warning, but it seems to take it using the settings of the preceding shot. I wish this lab feature was...
  5. Mexecutioner

    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    Brad's is much better as it actually explains what's new in this release, where as the PDF from Phase one does not at all, is just lists the v8 release info from the original release. Thanks for the link!
  6. Mexecutioner

    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    Try here: Thanks for the heads up Steve, will check it out
  7. Mexecutioner

    PhaseOne IQ350 + 80mm Kit for Sale

    There is a Gear for Sale or WTB section in the forum, where this should have been posted. Maybe you can try to move it so it gets more traction there. GLWS!
  8. Mexecutioner

    Teamwork in Conversation webinar with Phase One

    That should keep it nice and toasty!
  9. Mexecutioner

    SOLD: Arca-Swiss C1 Cube Geared Head with Arca Classic Quick Release

    That's a great price, I don't get why this has not sold yet!
  10. Mexecutioner

    WTB Phase One DF V-Grip Air

    Not my listing, looks very good and the price is not bad at all IMHO:
  11. Mexecutioner

    WTB: Contax 645 IQ180/280 digital back

    I know, right? Insane.
  12. Mexecutioner

    WTB: Contax 645 IQ180/280 digital back

    No, they swap the whole back BTW, there's a Contax mount IQ150 back for sale on LuLa, but the asking price is not in touch with reality IMHO. Of course if someone is desperate and has money to burn, there it is.
  13. Mexecutioner

    GFX 50S or IQ250 w/ back - decision help...

    I agree witg Greg, if you're used to the D850 and the Sony bodies with eye AF you'd hate life if you were to shoot portraits with a 250 and a DF. The IQ of the files would take some pain away, but still the workflow between the two is night and day. That being said the work with the P1 can be...
  14. Mexecutioner

    Benro Polaris

    The app will come at some point and I can wait. I'd much rather use my Cube and tether to a laptop if I have to like I do now. I didn't really use Capture Pilot all that much with my previous backs anyway. But since you asked, yes there are better options IMHO...