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  1. Mexecutioner

    Comparision between Digaron-W HR 70mm, Grandagon-N green line 75 mm and Apo Digitar 80 mm

    If this person in the know is right, we may be able to buy this in 2028!
  2. Mexecutioner

    bottom of the XF

    The one with the port cover is for the V-Grip. Maybe the silver one has to do with it too.
  3. Mexecutioner

    Arca-Swiss Rm3di-32mm/70mm Rodenstock Lenses-Monolith View Camera

    That's what my mom always told me... I guess I never learned.
  4. Mexecutioner

    Shiny stuff. a question for the product people

    The mokuti handle and damascus blade are going to be tough to make look shiny. Looking forward to reading suggestions from experienced forum members. Beautiful knife, btw
  5. Mexecutioner

    Phase One 40-80 Blue Ring rendering?

    What is the "look" to you? How would you describe that?
  6. Mexecutioner

    Phase One 40-80 Blue Ring rendering?

    PITA to carry around but very nice rendering, stellar lens IMHO. A very convenient lens to have in the field where you don't want to or can't swap lenses. Even though I don't use it much and have other lenses that overlap this focal length, and have considered selling it, I know I would regret...
  7. Mexecutioner

    40 mm f4 Tilt lens for Phase One XT.

    Hi Bill, congratulations on the new lens. Question for you: is the tilt information recorded on the actual file?
  8. Mexecutioner

    C1 for iPad announces tethering for all currently supported cameras (EXCEPT PHASE ONE)

    The support page loads, but you can’t download anything, no firmware, no documentation. You can login and see your registered hardware and that’s pretty much it.
  9. Mexecutioner

    C1 for iPad announces tethering for all currently supported cameras (EXCEPT PHASE ONE)

    They should spend some time getting their website back online. has been down since Friday.
  10. Mexecutioner

    FS: 4 Phase One XT lenses, XT camera

    Hi Vieri, I am not sure the messaging system is working, so just in case I am going to post a message here. I'd like to buy your XT, please send me your PayPal information including shipping costs to zip code 90038. Thanks.
  11. Mexecutioner

    New firmware update #8 SR2 for IQ4 150 is out!

    Yes, worked on the first try for me. Connected instantly, very responsive control of the camera too.