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    IQ4 Remote App

    Have you tried recently ? It really isn’t fit for purpose.
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    Technical Cameras: Questions

    I am not sure there is a more realistic forward path or at least I can’t see it. Most manufacturers aim to carry their customers forward over multiple upgrade cycles. P1 has done this well up to now - at least for me. I started with a DF and P65 ten years ago and now have XF and IQ3. I cannot...
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    Technical Cameras: Questions

    The migration cost issue concerns me. I bought into the A-S system ten or so years ago and have not regretted the choice. It seems to me however that the marginal costs of moving to, for instance, the XT platform and changing out the Copal shutter far outweigh the marginal benefits that would...
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    Phase One XT

    I could just about live with the absence of tilt as I use rise/fall more than tilt but the cost of converting my Rodenstock and Schneider lenses from Arca Swiss mounts sadly rules it out. Unless anyone in the UK is looking for a complete A-S kit. Even so I suspect the gap would be too great but...
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    Help with Phase One XF decision please!

    My mistake. Yes, the completely new BR lenses are big improvements. The ones simply re-badged with a blue ring may be much the same.
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    Help with Phase One XF decision please!

    With IQ3100 and IQ4150 Live View makes the viewfinder less critical. I tend now to use the WLF rather more as its saves a bit of weight. Others here may disagree but I am not sure that the Blue Ring lenses are really any better than the non Blue Ring ones.
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    Help with Phase One XF decision please!

    I’d concur that the HAP-2 upgrade was worth the money. Much improved as a result. I’d also really recommend focus trimming all your lenses. One of my sharpest prints was taken with the 55mm lens. Ok, the corners are snow and cloud but I wouldn’t be without it.
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    Phase One XT

    I’d like to but having bought Arca some years ago the cost is too great. I’d also want tilt. That said I have found that the XF and the Technical camera complement each other very well.
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    Your favourite photographic book done by a medium format photographer?

    Intimations of Paradise perhaps ? I have this book and Kenna's Japan and am also very fortunate to have two Burkett and two Kenna prints. Two of my favourite photographers.
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    Experiences with the SK 240mm LS

    This may be stating the obvious but I worried that my 240 (Non Blue Ring) was a bit off with the aperture wide open. But I hadn’t adjusted the focus trim which made a huge improvement. The lens also benefits from support at the front of the lens. Very happy with it but don’t use it so much...
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    Another Phase One countdown on their website. What now?

    I'm afraid I've only been an occasional contributor here over the years but I have learned a great deal from many here who are similarly in Dante's grip. For which many thanks.
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    Arca Swiss Flip Lock problems

    I very much like the flip-lock and wouldn’t have the other options. Yes, it can be a bit fiddly but I like the two clicks that confirm it’s locked. It is important to adjust the screw thread so it is not to loose and not too tight but once done it’s rock solid. I also used to carry a spare...
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    Hasselbald Flextight Scanner

    I have a Flextight scanner which is lightly used but Hassleblad has now discontinued support for the Flexcolor software. I plan to keep it and gradually to scan a large number of negatives. With 64 bit Catalina the Flexcolor software won't work. I have created a partition of a TB2 external...
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    Next Apple machine ?

    My question was really about the longer term and I don’t need to make any decision in the near future. That said the new Mac Mini would probably be the best option right now. It’s runs very quiet, it’s surprisingly powerful (to me at least). TB3 and the 10gigabit Ethernet option probably future...
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    Next Apple machine ?

    Yes. One day I’ll write a paragraph without a typo. Well spotted.