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  1. nostatic

    Nikon Z and Pro audio

    Sound Devices MixPre mentioned above is a step up from the Zooms. I have an H4n and H6 that I use mostly for live band recordings. They are a bit "crispy" but that is easily fixed with some eq in post. The TLM102 is solid, but if you're also doing picture then it will be in the shot - which may...
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    and with pictures
  3. nostatic

    Very early impressions...Z6

    After a long hiatus (on my part), nice to see some of the usual suspects. Curious how you compare the Z6 to your X-T3. A few months back I sold an A7ii and some glass to move to the X-T3 (still have an A7iii that I use at work). I've actually been quite happy with the Fuji setup and gestalt...
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    I live to serve... :salute:
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    variation on the theme Canon infiltrator
  6. nostatic


    I have to say that I enjoyed shooting my RX1r a lot. Just a nice camera to work with. In the end I felt like I needed a little better AF and ideally IBIS. If this camera had IBIS I'd order it up, but I suppose the sensor is good enough that you can just shoot faster shutter and push iso up. It...
  7. nostatic

    A7s vs A7II

    Yeah, but the weight/pixel pitch is way more :D
  8. nostatic

    A7s vs A7II

    I've been shooting a lot at 12800 with the A7ii and it looks fine (but I don't mind decent looking noise). I haven't shot an A7s but that is pretty much my dream camera except for the low resolution. I do end up cropping a fair amount and am not sure that 12mp will be quite enough, especially...
  9. nostatic

    High ISO Test: A7s vs Df vs A7r vs A7

    All the more reason for an A7s shooting auto iso with top limit set at almost-a-zillion. :D
  10. nostatic

    New A7II Users Reports

    awesome - time to switch to raw :D
  11. nostatic

    Sony FE 16-35/f4 pin upside the's all good.
  12. nostatic

    FS: Sony A7 body

    On hold for local getdpi buyer - will update Thu one way or the other.
  13. nostatic

    New A7II Users Reports

    What is interesting though is that the 40-150/2.8 is about the same size/weight as the Sony 70-200/4. You do lose range on the long end, but then you've got FF and more pixels. So from a size/weight perspective you're mostly winning with the 200mm+ capability - which can be mission critical.
  14. nostatic

    New A7II Users Reports

    The telephoto conundrum is one of my issues. I don't need a long lens very often so it is hard to drop the coin (and haul around) a FF long zoom. The u4/3 are a lot more attractive from that standpoint, and the new 1" superzooms are really exciting - until I look at the files and go, "hey, where...
  15. nostatic

    New A7II Users Reports

    I agree that the Oly IBIS probably saved more shots (working from memory and knowing how sloppy I shoot). But there also is the significant sensor size difference as well as resolution and DOF differences. No free lunch. I think for certain applications the Oly is a perfect compromise. I got...