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Recent content by Paul Spinnler

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    Leica M Selloff due to medical bills

    Sorry to hear, hope all works out well and you get all lenses back!
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    Wonder how much of or whether the whole body from now will be “made in China”! After a few years of ownership by DJI would not be surprised if the majority of the production has moved to Asia by now.
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    Positive feedback for @se7en

    I bought a center filter from se7en and we had a little miscommunication on the type but in the end all was resolved perfectly. A true gentleman and highly recommended. Best Paul
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    Which telephoto focal length / lens as companion to 32mm on tech cam for landscapes?

    Both the Rodenstock 90 and 138 HR lenses would be excellent for landscape and stitching work. The main consideration in my view is whether you really want nothing in between 32mm and the long end. Both of these allow for 35mm shift on a short barrel mount which basically means very high...
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    Does laser based focusing work in the field when the sun is shining bright?

    Hi Sun Yes, I see, we had this discussion in the other thread. The problem arose because I got hold of a Zeiss Planar 3.5 135mm and I want to use it on a 4x5 field camera to make portraits. Now if I want to use the shallow DoF effect I need the subject to stay put perfectly at clost distance...
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    Does laser based focusing work in the field when the sun is shining bright?

    Thanks Stanley. This is why I love this forum. I didn't know this brand! What about a portrait of someone standing 10-20 feet away from you outside. Can you measure precisely whether this person's head has moved in between you setting up focus on shooting the film? Is the Bushnell only good...
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    Does laser based focusing work in the field when the sun is shining bright?

    I have a question for those who may have dabbled with technical cameras and rollfilm adapters; can one in the field use a Leica Disto or a similar laser pointing device to successfully double-check whether the focusing distance remains the same while one does some adjustments to a composition...
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    WTB: Apo Sironar S 150 mint

    I settled for the Apo Sironar W. Search closed.
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    I love the S24 - it is a marvel in practice. I think there's something to be said regarding the fact that the S lenses are at this stage almost 15 year old lens designs made for a medium format mirror based body; we can only estimate what the new apo S line for the mirrorless body will be like...
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    Positive feedback for @Med

    I received a beautiful Apo Sironar S 135 from Med and I am stoked. He even threw in some Linhof lensboards for free. Great guy to deal with, and highly recommended. Best Paul
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    WTB: Apo Sironar S 150 mint

    Getting contacted by two scammers on this forum - always the same: I have what you search for, give me your mail, no real history here and no precedents, great price, let's proceed immediately to the sale. I hope to still find it though and scammers stay away! Fellow members, stay cautious...
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    For 8k I d get one … is the price of one phase one XT lens … !
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    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi fellow Swiss member!
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    WTB: Apo Sironar S 150 mint

    Dear Forum colleagues I am already getting select focal lengths from fellow other members, but I still have not been able to track down the Apo Sironar S 150. If you have one for sale pls. do not hesitate to reach out. Many thanks Paul