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Recent content by Paul2660

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    GFX100 - how to set Raw 16 bit?

    What is your ISO set to? If it’s 50 you might not be able to use the 16 bit option. Paul
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    New to GFX- Filter system question

    The M75 will not fit the 23mm. Lens is too large ie filter threading at 82mm. I would look at the Wine country or similar system from NISI. You will need 100 x 100 sized filters which are too large for the M75. Wine country or NISI 100 x 100 system should cover all the lenses you are getting...
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    I would recommend starting a new post on this topic. Good topic for discussion. Paul
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    IQ4 Remote App

    Sad to see that for a simple process like current version of capture Pilot on iOS and iPhone Phase is feeling that they need to move to M1 and the iPad. I for one have no need to try and process out a P1 raw on a iPad. Just would like to have ability fire the damn back remotely from a phone and...
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    Coffee Talk with Phase One/Neils Knudsen - June 4 @10am EDT

    Nice session. Thanks for setting this up. Paul
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    Add Fuji to list of ransom ware attacks.

    Sad but Fuji announced yesterday they had a ransom ware attack. No details. Today they announced that the attack might just availability of certain products. Site was down for US yesterday appears to be back up today. Hate to see this type of behavior continue. Hopefully Fuji will investigate...
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    Phase one IQ1 digital back battery issue - any ideas?

    You have to be careful on the "value add" as it only applies to an XF if you purchase it with a back and when I purchased my XF there was no Value Add warranty coverage for it, only the 1 year (possibly 2) standard warranty. As its been explained to me, now with a new purchase anything tied to...
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    Schneider 35mm XL with Leaf Credo 50 vs Hasselblad CFVii50c

    With proper calibration, either sensor should show minimal tiling. The amount of shift you have used will tend to make tiling issue more noticeable. You might need to have the back serviced by Hasselblad to see if they can correct the tiling to some degree. All of my Phase backs, tended to...
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    Phase one IQ1 digital back battery issue - any ideas?

    There is a formal fix for the XF battery door. Phase one will charge for it I believe around 200.00. My XF had this issue and I was having similar battery issues. With the fix problem was resolved. Paul
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    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    Or just use Auto mode and manually set infinity. That has yet to fail for me. Can control the number of shots but for landscape images auto mode does not seem to be taking excess numbers of shots. Once I finally figured out how to set the infinity point reliably it’s the only mode I use. Paul
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    IQ4 Remote App

    Phase One, has a bit of history with not going backwards with feature function like other companies do. One example, Phase One, Hasselblad, and Fuji all use the same basic 50MP chip in their various cameras, (IQ150,250,350, X1d, 50s 50r). Hasselblad and Fuji both were able to get a e shutter to...
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    Newly announced Leica SL 24-70/2.8

    I would agree it’s a rebadged Sigma Art 24-70. Same number of elements 19 and groups 15. Same filter size 82mm and very similar look to the focal ring and focus ring rubber. Leica has their traditional yellow lettering on theirs. Paul
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    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    Rand. Thanks for the help. Amazing I was not able to figure this out. Once I followed your descriptions it works and quite well. Disappointing as how poorly this feature was documented by Fuji. Paul
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    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    This is why I wanted to use Auto, as you set a near and far point. Manual, it only goes from near, which is set to what camera feels is infinity. Thanks for the replies, will try Rand47's method later today. Paul
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    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    I have been trying to better understand the Auto mode for focus stacking on the GFX100 (Fuji considers it a bracketing mode). As I understand it, you have to do the following: Go to the drive mode button on the left, top, and after pressing this button, follow the menu to Focus Bracketing and...