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    PhaseOne IQ180 revisions. Does it matter?

    This is why working with a dealer on a P1 back, used or new IMO is important. Take the case of the P45+. When this back was first released, P1 stated it would only work in long exposure mode for around 15 minutes, but that they were working on a firmware that would eventually give the 1 hour...
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    P65+ -> IQ160\180\260 or Credo 60\80?

    The output from the P65+ and IQ160 will be identical, same chip, just IQ interface. The output from the 160 and 260, will also look pretty much the same, different chip possible, different algorithm for processing as the 260 has the long exposure mode Is the LE mode on the 260 worth it, NO...
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    Hard to decide the right tech cam setup... still fighting

    Hi Vieri: I realize that the Rodenstock publishted Limit on the 32mm is 13mm of shift, and based on my copy of that lens, I would agree that much past 13mm, the amount of distortion (due to the retro focus design) makes the image quality questionable, however I have used other 32mm Rodenstock...
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    Hard to decide the right tech cam setup... still fighting

    Actually the 32mm and 40mm Rodenstocks with a 90mm IC can shift well past 12mm. The 32 can make 15 to 16mm and the 40mm depending on the lens can get to 20mm. I have both and usually shift well beyond 12mm. The 23mm and 28mm (only the 23mm is offered in X shutter) only have a 70mm IC and are...
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    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    Refresh my memory on zero latency? It does away with the need to wake up the back if you want to use the Copal shutter? I guess since the e shutter in the 3100 I pretty much quit using the copals. The 3100 drove me away from the tech camera with the color cast issues and constant need to...
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    Hard to decide the right tech cam setup... still fighting

    If you can find a used copy of the older Rodenstock 90mm, either the HR with magenta/pink band around lens or the HR-W blue band around lens you should do fine. Optically both are close to each other. The 90mm HR-SW is newest and has a yellow band. Much heavier than either of previous models...
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    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    I guess that makes sense. The XT has no intelligence that I am aware of and relies on the back. I guess I assumed the meter was needed for a true ETTR type of exposure? I assume the XT is using the liveview from back which IMO is less than perfect for expose metering which may explain why...
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    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    That’s the same as before then. I hope this is not a statement from phase one that future features will only be developed for the X shutter platform. Personally I find it amazing that it won’t work on the XF. Especially since original feature update 8 was focused on updates to the XF. Can’t see...
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    Phase One IQ260 Wifi tethering

    I only used the 260 with adhoc for capture pilot. With the last firmware that P1 released for the 260 the adhoc was stable for C1 capture pilot however slow and I never found the view at 100 percent very worthy since Capture Pilot never “respected” the iPad resolution even though you had the...
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    Phase One Feature 8 Update, Service Release 1

    Can anyone verify if ETTR now works with the XF? Or is still only available for users of the XT. This is with the latest firmware announced in this thread. Paul C
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    PO XF/IQ3 50 MP Shoot handheld & Vibration

    You can try vibration delay but hand held I don’t think it will ever fire due to the fact you will be moving ever so slightly. what I would try is try mirror up first, wait a few seconds then fire the shutter. The mirror flapping issue has always been there with Mamiya/Phase one cameras. I...
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    Which center filter do I need?

    If this is a Schneider SK35, I would look for a CF. on a cropped sensor the issues of light fall off may not be as extreme but the lens greatly improves with the CF. I believe the CF is still manufactured. The lens is not. Outer threads should be 72mm as I recall. Paul C
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    Raw histograms and raw converters

    Use of the Linear Curve is very important, glad Eric mentioned it. It can and will save many images in C1, that appear to have blown highlights, and IMO it also helps prevent an issue I have noticed in C1 for years. This is when you select a sky especially blue, with few clouds to help break...
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    Phase One XT reviewed

    No doubt a great camera which changed tech camera design forever. Sadly cost of entry is just too high. 10 years too late for me. Paul C
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    Halo Problems with unedited RAW GFX100 files

    OK, I believe the effect is because you have appear to have blown out or very close to blowing out the background, it's pure white, odds are 255, 255,255. This will always create a haloing issue especially with a darker foreground. You also have a bit of CA, on dress and arms. If this is the...