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    Comment by 'PeterA' in media 'Forgotten'

    Lovely tones
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    Always a bad idea to store all your photo's in just one location

    Raid5 + 2X seperate copies on hard drives kept in separate locations - updated at end of each year following culling which is getting more aggressive all teh time. I have 2 cataloguing systems one for family happy snaps which are precious and the other is for stuff I want to print or have...
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    Street Photography

    Congratulations on the new look of the site Olaf - and making a forum for street shooters which is camera agnostic. Pete
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    Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *

    gfx100 |Leica Nocti
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    Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *

    Judging by the 'chops' you evidenced in the piano link above - I'd say that your mental faculties are just fine - and of coursea little reward to yourself after the Covid episode is a necessary part of ful recovery regime.
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    Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *

    Hang in there Matt - keep us posted. Pete
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    Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *

    The virus can only get to you via surface contact transferred through 1. mucus membrane in mouth/eyes/nose or 2. aerosol in confined places - so stay inside, 3. avoid contact with surfaces outside of your home, use social distancing and wash hands properly with soap often. We are all in this...
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    Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *

    Very well done dj - great shot and I love the shadow (music stand) peaking into the frame.
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    Quarantine Pictures * Any Format *

    I can still take walks for exercise purposes - so I take a camera with me of course.
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    People and Portraits Photos Pool

    Kate. Canon 1DS 17-40.
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    Classic nude

    lower body light looks more natural...face work way too bright in comparison
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    Classic nude

    That was an ephatic 'NO" reaction - which is a great sign for any budding photogrpaher to get btw - strong reaction(s) Why do you think it was meant as a joke? Seriously I'd like to understand your thinking... Pete
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    Classic nude

    The PS work is total absolute crapola but you know that...yes that except the head should be behind some fruit/veggies... your dodge burn was total crapola and an insult to the composition and time yout took to make the shot and all that goes with it... you can thank me when you...