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Recent content by peterb

  1. peterb

    Adobe enhance and the Q2

    Lately learned about with Adobe's "enhance" feature which uses AI to make massive files out of smaller ones with shockingly very little degradation of the image. As a test a 13.2mb Raw file taken in 2008 became a 183 mb file. Dimensions of the smallish original print at 300 dpi went from 9 x...
  2. peterb

    Q2 prices on ebay

    Could someone tell me why prices for a new Q2 on Ebay are not only higher than they are now they're higher than the proposed price increases announced by Leica? I mean caveat emptor and all that but seriously do people who are considering a Q2 pony up $6100 say for a camera they can get now --...
  3. peterb

    Anyone considering the new GM 50mm f1.2?

    I'm actually looking at the GM 50mm f1.2 and the Zeiss 35mm f1.4. Yes the GM 35mm f1.4 is sharper and technically better but I think the "flaws" of the Zeiss (vignetting and more corner softness for example) create more interesting images with more of a pop.
  4. peterb

    Anyone considering the new GM 50mm f1.2?

    Just curious. Some of the images I've seen posted are quite impressive. P
  5. peterb

    Viewfinder behavior question for R6 and R5 owners (and others with cameras sporting articulating LCD's).

    I was curious what the effect using smart phones has had on camera behavior. Do you find yourself using the articulating screen more than the viewfinder? I know in my case I tend to look at the LCD to compose quick shots more than I use an EVF despite how fabulous their resolution has become...
  6. peterb


    Damn. Now I'll have to sell my other kidney.
  7. peterb

    The Canon R6 may be one of the best kept secrets.

    The Canon R6 may be one of the most underrated cameras around today. While its 20 mp sensor is at the lower end of the pixel wars relative to a lot of cameras, measurements published on the DxO website suggest it has a pretty decent dynamic range of nearly 14 stops. (It apparently has the same...
  8. peterb

    OVF question with the X100 - X100V

    The tailoring of information is VERY cool. But do you feel the OVERALL optical view with the projected frame lines inside it is reasonably large and not a smallish view with frame lines inside it? Reading that the view was .52x vs .73x of a Leica made me wonder if the view you see while...
  9. peterb

    OVF question with the X100 - X100V

    Lately I've gotten interested in the X100V for a slew of reasons but what I'd like to know from anyone whose used either the new x100V in particular or the previous models is what the experience is like looking through the OVF with the frame line around the scene. Is the view reasonably...
  10. peterb

    The new Leica Q2 Monochrom

    Jono, thank you for another superb review. Now to start saving those box tops.
  11. peterb

    907x 50c now available

    Hi everyone, Really enjoyed reading this thread about this apparently fantastic camera. I have been looking at the X1D and the 907X and am leaning toward the form factor of the 907X as I like the flip out screen. One question though. The X1D has a dedicated "focus lock" (which Hasselblad...
  12. peterb

    EOS R5 Announcement

    Five years ago I had to sell my beloved 6D and 50mm f1.2 L to pay for a cancer treatment which I thankfully beat. The financial struggle is over and I'm now going to jump back in with an R5 and 50mm f1.2 RF. Sooooooooo looking forward to this camera. Features that got me aside from landing in a...
  13. peterb

    IPhone Photos

    I swear I heard Jeff Goldblum’s voice crying, “Help me!” 
  14. peterb

    IPhone Photos

    Early morning visitor. Taken with the amazing iPhone SE
  15. peterb

    IPhone Photos

    March to June in 60 minutes flat. iPhone SE