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Recent content by Rand47

  1. Rand47

    Noob question re printing file format

    What’s missing in your question is color space. If the lab that wants jpeg also insists on sRGB as the dolor space (or worse yet squashes your file into sRRB after you upoad it) then depending on the image there could be truncation of the color data. I won’t use a lab that will not accept...
  2. Rand47

    GFX 100S Owner's Manual

    I keep a copy of the PDF version on my iPad and iPhone. They’re even “searchable.” Couldn’t force me to read a paper manual these days. Plus which, the manual is “always with me” when I’m out and about. Rand
  3. Rand47


    Yup… I did. SCAM. I urge the site owner to nuke this ”member.” Rand
  4. Rand47

    GFX 100 Firmware V4 released Be aware that during the update process, it may put your camera in Program Mode. So far, 4 bodies have done this. Easy enough to change back to your preferred mode, but a bit confounding at first blush. It also put my Q...
  5. Rand47

    Digital Snob

    If the art is in the image - the subject - the light - the location - the timing. Which shutter button, cable release you push is irrelevant. Same goes for the print. If the tonality, the feel, the gestalt of the print is the thing, what method used to create that is irrelevant. If the...
  6. Rand47

    New to GFX- Filter system question

    That’s the beauty of the Wine Country Camera filter system. The filter vaults make a light tight seal w/o any rubber gaskets. ZERO light leak. I used to hate trying to jam gasketed filters into spring loaded filter holders. Rand
  7. Rand47

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Redwood Grove - Mattole Road GFX 100, GF 30mm Multi Image Stitch Rand
  8. Rand47

    Slide Show creation software?

    I use Lightroom Classic’s “Slide Show” module which can link-time images to music of your choice that lives on your computer. Once constructed / timed to your liking it can be exported as a movie file. LrC’s Slide Show has a few rudimentary controls that sound like they’d meet your needs...
  9. Rand47

    So has anyone experienced PDAF pimples on 100S files?

    Joe, EXACTLY….. I’ve been using the GFX 100 since release and have never even seen the PDAF “banding” that Jim Kasson was able to find in his testing - which, by the way - has been eliminated in firmware. PDAF ”pimples” …. good grief. Rand
  10. Rand47

    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    Paul, You’re quite welcome. Glad it was clear enough to apply! Yes, not only is it not very well documented, the button-press-sequence is almost nonsensical. I’ve actually made up some small laminated cards w/ the sequence printed on them - for some of my GFX friends. Rand
  11. Rand47

    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    Much as I admire Jim's thoroughness... this is a non-issue, issue. Shooting at any aperture that one might use for landscape and even macro work, the DOF of the "last frame" will take you to infinity, no problem. Lots of field experience with this and not one single sequence where I...
  12. Rand47

    Question on Focus Stacking Auto Mode Fuji GFX100

    Put Focus Bracket Setting in My Menu. Put camera in Manual Focus mode. Put drive mode in Focus Bracket Go to My Menu > Focus Bracket Setting > Auto > 0 sec > Select A (navigate with joy stick focus box to near point, press AF On button, then hit OK. Then navigate with joy stick focus box to...
  13. Rand47

    Fun with MF images 2021

    GFX 100 Sorrel and Fern, Stout Grove, Jed Smith Redwoods Rand
  14. Rand47

    Filtersystem for MF

    Another Wine Country Camera filter system user. Very nice, well thought out, comprehensive system. Their Blackstone ND filters are the most color neutral I’ve used. Rand
  15. Rand47

    Comparing Fuji XF 80mm Macro with GF 120mm Macro

    Easily done with the GF 120. And if you needed to go 1:1 the extension tube will get you there, no problem. And the level of detail from the larger sensor, plus the phenomenal sharpness of the 120 will surprise you. Rand